Awesome TimeCubed Art Clock Launched on Kickstarter


ChronoArt has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing electronic digital art clocks since 1971 and has now taken to Kickstarter to launch their next project the TimeCubed. The device is a unique timepiece and they are looking to raise just $6,000 over the next two weeks to start manufacturing the gadget.

The development team behind the TimeCubed clock explain more about its design:

The most important design goal for TimeCubed was to offer more fun than the random patterns of the TIX clock — aka The Random Pattern Clock that was in the Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog a few years ago. So TimeCubed does both Random Pattern & Random Color with a more artful look.  And I thought it should be an appropriate size for a desk.

And I liked the idea of a clock that displayed the time using fives and ones. For example if you see a nickel and three pennies you just think 8 cents, you just know it, you don’t really even count.  The TimeCubed uses this concept so it is very fast for you to read the time, but will be a mystery to others — a true conversation piece, especially when it chimes the hour.  I also love to use color, have a sweet hourly chime, and have just the right amount of activity to to make it fun to watch.

Source: Kickstarter


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