10 Action-Packed FPS Games Similar to Call of Duty You Should Try

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Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been a staple of the first-person shooter genre for years, delivering action-packed gameplay and incredible graphics that have kept fans coming back for more. However, if you’re a die-hard Call of Duty fan and are looking for something new, you may be wondering where to turn next. Luckily, there are plenty of other games out there that can scratch that same itch, whether you’re looking for competitive multiplayer or an immersive single-player campaign.

One option for fans of Call of Duty’s fast-paced, high-octane gameplay is Apex Legends. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, the same studio behind the Titanfall franchise, Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game that features unique hero-based abilities and a variety of different game modes. With a focus on team-based strategy and intense firefights, Apex Legends is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Another game that fans of Call of Duty might enjoy is Rainbow Six Siege. Developed by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter that puts a heavy emphasis on teamwork and strategy. With a wide variety of operators to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and gadgets, Rainbow Six Siege offers a deep and satisfying multiplayer experience that is both challenging and rewarding.

For those who are looking for a more immersive single-player experience, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a great option. Set in an alternate history where the Nazis won World War II, Wolfenstein: The New Order puts players in the shoes of BJ Blazkowicz, a soldier fighting to take down the Nazi regime. With a thrilling storyline, engaging characters, and intense first-person combat, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a must-play for fans of single-player FPS games.

Lastly, for fans of Call of Duty’s zombie modes, there’s always Left 4 Dead 2. Developed by Valve, Left 4 Dead 2 is a cooperative FPS that puts players in the shoes of four survivors fighting to survive a zombie apocalypse. With a variety of different infected types and a wide variety of weapons and gear to choose from, Left 4 Dead 2 offers a thrilling and intense cooperative experience that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Overall, while it may be difficult to find games that can match the scale and technical fidelity of Call of Duty, there are plenty of other fantastic FPS games out there that can offer a similar level of excitement and intensity. Whether you’re looking for a competitive multiplayer experience or an immersive single-player campaign, there’s sure to be something out there that will scratch that same itch.



PUBG Battlegrounds

Platform(s): PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One

When it comes to the world of battle royale games, there are certainly a plethora of options to choose from. However, there is one title that stands out from the rest as the original and most gritty – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, commonly known as PUBG Battlegrounds. With its vast maps and focus on realistic combat, PUBG has garnered a massive following since its initial release in 2017.

If you’re a fan of sniping in Call of Duty multiplayer, then PUBG’s gameplay will definitely appeal to you. The game offers a wide range of sniper rifles and other long-range weapons, allowing you to pick off your enemies from afar as you move across the sprawling terrain. And with 99 other players all vying for survival, the stakes are always high and the tension is palpable.

Despite the fierce competition in the battle royale genre, PUBG has managed to maintain its status as one of the best games in the genre. Its realistic graphics, tense gameplay, and massive maps all contribute to a uniquely immersive experience that keeps players coming back for more. And with the game still receiving regular updates and content additions, there’s always something new to discover and master.

For those who are looking for a change of pace from the ever-popular Warzone, PUBG is a fantastic alternative that delivers a similar, yet distinct experience. So why not strap on your parachute, grab your favorite sniper rifle, and jump into the fray? You just might find yourself becoming addicted to the thrilling world of PUBG Battlegrounds.


Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Platform: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One

In February 2019, Electronic Arts (EA) released a free-to-play battle royale shooter that took the gaming world by storm. Apex Legends came seemingly out of nowhere to challenge the dominance of established titles like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in the competitive free-to-play genre. The game quickly gained a massive following, attracting over 50 million players by the end of its first month.

Years later, Apex Legends continues to be one of the most popular and competitive multiplayer shooters on the market. The game’s success can be attributed to its unique blend of fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, and class-based mechanics that reward teamwork and smart plays. The game’s sharp skill-ceiling also ensures that players are constantly challenged and engaged, making for a highly satisfying and rewarding experience.

One of the key strengths of Apex Legends is its class-based system, which allows players to choose from a variety of characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. This adds an additional layer of strategy and depth to the gameplay, as players must work together to coordinate their abilities and synergize with their teammates’ skills. The game also features a diverse array of weapons and equipment, allowing players to customize their loadouts to suit their preferred playstyle.

Overall, Apex Legends is a vibrant and engaging shooter that offers a refreshing alternative to more traditional FPS titles like Call of Duty. With its fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, and class-based mechanics, it’s no wonder that the game continues to attract a dedicated fanbase and remain a popular choice for gamers looking for a competitive challenge.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Platform(s): PC

Counter Strike: Global Offensive, commonly known as CS:GO, is a first-person multiplayer shooter game developed by Valve Corporation. It was released in August 2012 and has since become one of the most popular and iconic games in the eSports industry.

If you’ve never played CS:GO before, you might be wondering what makes it so special. Well, for starters, the game is incredibly competitive. Unlike other popular shooters like Call of Duty, CS:GO doesn’t rely on flashy gimmicks or over-the-top abilities to keep players engaged. Instead, the game emphasizes pure skill and strategy.

In CS:GO, players are divided into two teams: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. The Terrorists must complete objectives such as planting a bomb or taking hostages, while the Counter-Terrorists must prevent them from doing so. The game is played in rounds, with each round lasting up to two minutes. The team that wins sixteen rounds first, or the team that wins the most rounds after 30 rounds, wins the match.

What sets CS:GO apart from other multiplayer shooters is the level of teamwork and coordination required to win. Players must communicate effectively and work together to outsmart their opponents. Additionally, the game’s economy system adds another layer of strategy. Players earn money by winning rounds, and they can use that money to purchase better weapons and equipment. However, they must also manage their money wisely to ensure they can afford the best gear in the later rounds.

But CS:GO isn’t just popular for its gameplay. The game’s competitive scene has exploded in recent years, with tournaments drawing in millions of viewers and offering prize pools worth millions of dollars. The game has even become an official part of the Olympic Virtual Series, which is a new virtual event series launched by the International Olympic Committee.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of fast-paced, competitive shooters, then CS:GO is definitely worth checking out. With its emphasis on skill, strategy, and teamwork, it’s no wonder why the game has become one of the most iconic titles in the eSports industry. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gear, team up with your friends, and jump into the action-packed world of CS:GO!


Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

Platform(s): PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One

Overwatch 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the original Overwatch, is now available in early access and has been generating a lot of buzz among fans of the first game. Developed by Blizzard, OW2 is a fantastic alternative to other popular first-person shooters like Call of Duty, offering a refined and competitive gameplay experience that is sure to keep players engaged.

One of the biggest changes in OW2 is that Blizzard has completely replaced the original Overwatch with this new game. However, fans of the first game need not worry, as the sequel retains many of the elements that made the original game so popular while also introducing some exciting new features.

One of the most notable changes in OW2 is the tighter team composition. The game has a strong emphasis on team play, and players will need to work closely with their teammates in order to succeed. Additionally, the game has a free-to-play structure, which means that players can jump in and start playing without having to spend any money.

Another key difference in OW2 is the increased focus on aggression. In contrast to the original Overwatch, which placed a greater emphasis on support roles, OW2 encourages players to take a more offensive approach. The game features a variety of objective-based modes, and players will need to push objectives in order to win.

Overall, Overwatch 2 is a fantastic game that offers a fresh and exciting take on the first-person shooter genre. With its refined gameplay mechanics, emphasis on teamwork, and free-to-play structure, it’s a game that is sure to keep players coming back for more. So if you’re a fan of the first game, or just looking for a new game to try out, be sure to give Overwatch 2 a shot!


Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One

The gaming industry is no stranger to sequels, but not all of them can live up to the expectations set by their predecessors. However, Respawn Entertainment managed to break that trend with their sequel to Titanfall. While the first game was certainly well-received, it was Titanfall 2 that truly propelled the series into the realm of contenders like Call of Duty.

What sets Titanfall 2 apart from other shooters is the way it seamlessly blends traditional gunplay with giant mechs, known as Titans. These mechanical behemoths not only serve as powerful weapons but also as mobile bases, allowing players to traverse the battlefield with incredible speed and maneuverability. The game’s multiplayer mode emphasizes the use of these Titans, as players battle it out to control key areas of the map and dominate their opponents.

But what truly makes Titanfall 2 stand out is its single-player campaign. Unlike the first game, which lacked a dedicated story mode, Titanfall 2 features a well-crafted campaign that follows the journey of rifleman Jack Cooper and his Titan, BT-7274. The campaign is a masterclass in game storytelling, featuring memorable characters, breathtaking set pieces, and a level of emotional depth rarely seen in the genre.

Of course, the game’s mechanics are also top-notch, with the shooting mechanics feeling crisp and satisfying. The addition of new weapons and gadgets adds even more variety to the already diverse gameplay, giving players plenty of options to experiment with.

Overall, Titanfall 2 is arguably one of (if not the) best FPS games of the last generation. Its blend of fast-paced gunplay and giant mech battles make for a unique and thrilling experience that is sure to keep players coming back for more. If you haven’t played Titanfall 2 yet, you’re missing out on one of the most memorable and satisfying shooters of recent years.


Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line

Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One

Dubai’s stunning skyline and picturesque beaches have long been a symbol of modernity and prosperity. However, the city has been plunged into chaos and destruction by a catastrophic sandstorm of epic proportions. The once-beautiful city is now buried under tons of sand, leaving its citizens trapped and struggling to survive.

As a member of a special operations team, your mission is to enter the ruins of Dubai and rescue as many people as possible. However, this task is easier said than done. The city is now overrun by feral gangs, who will stop at nothing to protect their territory and loot whatever they can find. Additionally, the constant threat of natural disasters, such as sandstorms and earthquakes, makes the mission even more challenging.

Spec Ops: The Line, the critically acclaimed video game, draws heavy inspiration from Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness. As such, players can expect to confront weighty moral decisions as they navigate the treacherous landscape of Dubai. The game’s gripping storyline and immersive gameplay make it a standout title among its peers.

However, if you’re a fan of Call of Duty for its multiplayer experience, Spec Ops: The Line may not be the best substitute. While the game features a multiplayer mode, it’s not the primary focus. Instead, the single-player campaign takes center stage, offering players an unforgettable journey through a city that has been brought to its knees.

As you traverse the ruins of Dubai, you’ll be forced to make tough choices that will shape the outcome of the game’s narrative. Will you be a hero and save as many people as possible, or will you succumb to the brutality of the gangs and become part of the problem? The choice is yours, and the consequences of your actions will be far-reaching.

In conclusion, Spec Ops: The Line is an excellent game that offers a unique blend of immersive gameplay and a gripping storyline. If you’re looking for a game that will challenge your moral compass and keep you on the edge of your seat, then this is the game for you. Just be prepared for a journey that will take you to the heart of darkness.


Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

Platform(s): Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC

Halo Infinite is one of the most highly anticipated games of recent years. The game has been in development for a long time, and fans have been eagerly waiting for its release. The game promises to be a celebration of the legacy of the Halo franchise, while also setting the foundation for future adventures.

343 Industries, the studio behind Halo Infinite, faced an almost impossible challenge. They had to create a game that would appeal to long-time fans of the franchise, while also bringing in new players. The studio had to strike a delicate balance between nostalgia and innovation.

Despite the challenges, 343 Industries seems to have hit the mark with Halo Infinite. The game feels like a homecoming for long-time fans. The familiar world of Halo is back, with its iconic ringed planets and thrilling space battles. The gameplay is as fast-paced and exciting as ever, with new weapons and abilities that add a fresh twist to the classic Halo formula.

One of the most exciting new features in Halo Infinite is the addition of a new Smart AI companion. This new companion will guide players through the game’s darkest corners and provide valuable insights and information. The new companion adds a new level of depth and strategy to the game, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans.

The storyline of Halo Infinite promises to be epic in scope. Once again, humanity is facing an extinction event, and it’s up to Master Chief to save the day. The game promises to be full of action and adventure, with plenty of surprises along the way.

Overall, Halo Infinite is shaping up to be an amazing game. It’s a celebration of the legacy of the Halo franchise, while also setting the stage for exciting new adventures. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, Halo Infinite is sure to be a game you won’t want to miss.


Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Platform(s): PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One

Gaming enthusiasts are well aware of the fact that the release of a new video game title is always accompanied by high levels of excitement and anticipation. In 2015, two of the biggest first-person shooter games in the market were released around the same time – Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Rainbow Six Siege. While Black Ops 3 was a much-awaited installment in the popular Call of Duty franchise, Rainbow Six Siege, a game that focuses on tactical gameplay, was a new entrant that took the gaming world by storm.

A month after the release of Black Ops 3, Rainbow Six Siege hit the shelves, and it quickly became apparent that this was not just another shooter game. It had a unique and immersive gameplay experience that players found hard to resist. The game tasked players with fighting as either terrorists or counter-terrorists, and it was designed in such a way that players had to think tactically and make quick decisions to succeed.

One of the reasons why Rainbow Six Siege has become so popular among gamers is its consistent updates and the addition of new free maps. This has kept the game fresh and exciting for players, who continue to return to the game years after its initial release. The game’s player base has grown to over 25 million, a testament to its engaging gameplay and the support it has received from the developers.

In Rainbow Six Siege, terrorists play defense, while the counter-terrorists must infiltrate their territory and take out all enemies. This creates an intense and immersive gameplay experience that requires players to think on their feet and act quickly. The game’s regular flow of new DLC (downloadable content) ensures that the game remains fresh and exciting, even for veteran players who have mastered the game mechanics.

Overall, Rainbow Six Siege has proven to be a game that has stood the test of time. Its engaging gameplay, regular updates, and a growing community of players have cemented its place as one of the most popular first-person shooter games in the market. If you’re a fan of tactical gameplay and are looking for a game that you can enjoy for years to come, then Rainbow Six Siege is definitely worth checking out.


Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

Platform(s): PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One

The video game industry is known for taking inspiration from a variety of sources, including popular culture, history, and literature. One example of a successful game series that draws its inspiration from outside the industry is the Metro series, based on the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

The Metro series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where a global nuclear war has devastated the surface of the planet. The survivors have fled underground, creating new civilizations in the tunnels of the metro system. The series follows the story of Artyom, a survivor who must navigate the dangerous and treacherous world of the metro in order to ensure the survival of his people.

The latest instalment in the series, Metro Exodus, allows players to venture back up to the surface and explore the world outside the metro. While the previous games in the series focused on the claustrophobic and intense world of the tunnels, Metro Exodus opens up a whole new world of exploration and discovery.

One of the standout features of the Metro series is its emphasis on storytelling and world-building. The games are known for their immersive environments, richly detailed characters, and engrossing narratives. In Metro Exodus, players will encounter a wide variety of characters, from bandits and mutants to friendly factions and fellow survivors.

While there is no multiplayer campaign in Metro Exodus, the game’s excellent single player story more than makes up for it. The focus here is on exploration and stealth, so players will need to use all of their skills to navigate the dangers of the surface world. Fans of first-person shooters will find plenty to enjoy in Metro Exodus, as the game features tight and responsive gunplay that is sure to satisfy.

In conclusion, the Metro series is a great example of a video game franchise that draws its inspiration from outside of the industry. By taking its cues from Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels, the series has created a unique and compelling world that is a joy to explore. With Metro Exodus, the series has reached new heights, delivering an unforgettable single player experience that is sure to thrill fans of first-person shooters and post-apocalyptic fiction alike.


Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to keep kids entertained for longer than ten minutes, Splatoon 3 is a great option to consider. This Nintendo-exclusive third-person shooter is designed to be family-friendly, offering a more accessible and less violent take on the traditional multiplayer genre.

In Splatoon 3, players use ink spraying pistols instead of traditional bullet-loaded guns, adding a unique and colorful twist to the gameplay. While the core mechanics of the game, such as taking out enemies, claiming territory, and stealing resources, may be similar to other multiplayer games, the paint mechanic completely changes the way players approach the game. In Splatoon 3, spraying the environment with ink is just as important as splatting enemies, creating interesting new strategies for players to explore.

One of the key benefits of Splatoon 3 is its ability to provide a fun and engaging experience for both kids and adults. While the game is designed to be accessible to younger players, its vibrant colors and unique mechanics are sure to appeal to gamers of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for a new challenge or a parent looking for a way to keep your kids entertained, Splatoon 3 offers something for everyone.

In addition to its engaging gameplay, Splatoon 3 also offers a range of customization options, allowing players to create unique and personalized characters to use in the game. From choosing your character’s clothing and weapons to customizing their appearance and abilities, there are countless ways to make your Splatoon 3 experience truly your own.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun and family-friendly multiplayer game that offers a unique and colorful twist on the genre, Splatoon 3 is definitely worth checking out. With its engaging gameplay, customizable characters, and vibrant visuals, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a parent looking for a way to keep your kids entertained.

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