10 Amazing Coffee Mugs To Define You

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This popular mug design is a favorite for individuals all around the world. Through thoughtful design and execution, it’s a high quality porcelain product that you’ll admire and enjoy. Manufactured by an expert craftsman in Europe, it’s dishwasher (top rack only) & microwave safe. It’s the perfect conversation piece for your decor.

lens mug

We’ll never forget the first time we saw someone drinking out of our travel lens mugs. We almost called the cops to report a crime against camera humanity. When we realized it was all in good fun, we decided we simply could not get enough of things looking like camera lenses.


Easy fondue at home! Melt cheese or chocolate for dipping fruit, veggies, bread and more. Ceramic mugs feature bottom openings for tea lights to heat your favorite dip. Set of 2 mugs and 4 dipping forks.Microwave and dishwasher safe.


Coffee cups are a necessity for any household even if there aren’t any inhabitants who enjoy hot beverages and these keyboard coffee cups help add a little bit of quirky touch. Boasting a design that looks like a numerical keypad found on a set of keys, the keyboard coffee cups only resemble this computer component when flipped upside down because the symbols are printed on the bottom.


This listing is for ONE ceramic cookie dunk mug – minion with one eye. These mugs are great for cookies and milk or tea and biscuits! Each mug is painted solid yellow on the interior and exterior with a bright red ‘mouth’ for holding the cookies. Goggles are bright gray with a black ‘strap’ that goes around the entire mug. Bottoms are signed.


Wooden mug cups perfect for coffee or tea. Keeps the drink hot as the woodworks as a natural insulator. Wooden cups made of Castor Aralia grown in Hokkaido. Shaped by hand using a wheel, it is only a couple of millimeter-thick. “Kami” means “paper” in Japanese, and it is named after its sheer texture. It gives a smooth, warm touch to your lips.


The brilliant Tie Tea Mug designed by George Lee’s le mouton noir & co is designed to tackle one of life’s ugly realities – the lost tea bag floating around somewhere in a piping hot cup of tea. It happens to everyone, just like taxes and death. Using the Tie Tea is just like docking a boat and making sure the dock lines are tied securely to the cleats on the boat.


The RoboCup Mug from OmniCup is a cyborg mug pieced together using ceramic and perhaps a bit of steel and human spirit too. When James Murphy tells you to drink a cup of tea, you do it or risk-taking on the RoboCup’s wrath. All you see is the stern line of his mouth covered by that cap of steely looking ceramic. But behind it is the still-partly human brain of RoboCup that keeps the nasty sleepiness and repressed memories and dreams that follow at bay by giving you a supercharged jolt of caffeine to wake you up.


By merging wood and ceramic in an artistic way, Mugr has transformed your standard mug into a classic showpiece. The mug is a very simple design and has no ornamentations whatsoever. But still, the walnut handle together with the ceramic base creates a stunning combination which makes the mug stand out as an artwork.


The Aviator Mug by Loyal Stricklin is a classic piece whose handle is made from Horween Chromexcel, one of the best leathers in the world. The glass texture together with the richness of the leather used makes this mug visually appealing for those who have an inclination towards modern designs having a leather touch. Once you pour your coffee in this, the hotness from the liquid warms up the leather which releases a scent that gets mixed with your coffee aroma and creates a charming smell altogether.


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