10 Beginner’s Tips For Anyone Starting DOTA 2

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Dota 2

Here are the 10 tips for anyone beginning out with Dota 2, it can be an extremely difficult game for new people to start. They see an immense hero pool, hundreds of items and hear about a toxic community of gamers and are instantly put off the game, but it will be awesome if you can power through all of this. All these difficulties have to lead to the rise of MMR boosting that can help such players.

“It’s too much to learn,” cried one of our colleagues, “What if I’m bad?” yelled another. We’ve had enough of problems to start the game so we collected some tips for the gamers who want to get into the realm of Dota 2. But there is an easy way out and you can use Dota 2 boost to start you off with a good stepping, which you can learn more about from the link.


1. Now Listen and Learn

Not all the gamers in DOTA 2 is out to destroy you. These are just people who have spent a lot of time and money in the game and get frustrated when they lose the game. It can happen to anyone. Such players can get the boosting here and progress faster in the game.

When you start into your first online game you should be open to learning; ask your teammates for tips, listen to their advice and you’ll gradually start to pick up the basic tips of fighting against another team of gamers online.


2. Start with an easy hero

There are more than 100 heroes in DOTA 2 and not all of them are beginner-friendly so pick wisely. You maybe think Invoker’s sexy hair makes him your ideal hero, but he is not at all. You might think Visage with his flying ghouls look like something out of your beloved comic book, but they are not for sure. There are some heroes in DOTA 2 with a wildly high skill cap; providing the best players to really showcase what they can do in competing games.

You should stay clear of such heroes like the plague; you’ll get tired very quickly, shout a lot and your parents will think about what has happened to the refined child they brought up.

A fair starting hero would be Lich; he has high running speed, some excellent abilities to help your team and some high damage abilities so you’re never out of the business.

DOTA 2 Fog

3. Use the fog wisely

When you get into a match on DOTA 2 you’ll see a whole load of the fog of war over the game map. It covers the whole other side of the map, much of the middle and even a substantial portion of your side of the map as well.

In this war of fog, you are hidden to the enemy team. You need to know where your enemies can see you and try your best to avoid it. Conversely, you can discover ways to expose the fog of war on your enemy’s side, allowing you and your team to immediately destroy off enemies who are not expecting it. Use the fog and learn it wisely.


4. Eat the tangos and regenerate

At its baseline, DOTA 2 is a remarkably simple game. You destroy things to gather gold and experience and, when you feel enthusiastic, smash down your enemy’s structures until their big one in the base explodes and burns.

Obviously, while playing the game that process you’ll get a lot of various elements, but every game comes to that. You need to maximize that gold and experience increase for yourself.

Running back to base whenever you take the hits will not help you at all; buy yourself some tangos when you spawn in the game use them to eat trees to restore some health so you can stay in the gaming lane.

Dota 2

5. Don’t let other players get into your skin

Let me be crystal clear with you; some little gamers will say terrible and offensive things to you in DOTA 2. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing well or acting aloof. People will tease and try to get you down in broken English, in some languages you’ve never heard or hear about them before and even in excellent English as they suggest things about your sexuality, personality and even they have some ideas about your family anything that they can think of. It gets very tiring at times; so don’t be scared to mute the idiots and report gamers you find insulting offensive, or threatening.

Don’t let them get into your skin.


6. You should consider buying Wards

We told you a little bit before about how the map is hidden in the fog. Well, success in games of DOTA 2 relies on being able to see and foretell enemy movements further ahead. If you are in a location on the map where you are enclosed by fog you have a very limited idea of what, if anything, they are coming for you.

But you can buy items called ‘Wards’ which give vision in a reasonably large radius around where you hold them down.

You should know where to place these in major locations and support your team to win the game.

Dota 2 First Blood update

7. Don’t always play a supporting role

There are several classes that heroes fall into, there are just too many to name them all here, but they manage to be determined by how much gold they need to be useful.

As you collect gold you can buy items that make you stronger; supports lead to be the heroes that need the smallest amount of gold to be useful in battles. This makes gamers think they are ideal for beginners; not always.

Some can be very difficult to play and, when you do need hold, many just don’t have the means to get it immediately.

Discuss with your team and ask them what they believe would suit your playing role and technique.


8. You should kill Roshan

Roshan is the large mean-looking dude who is always chilling in his cave, hanging out and appreciating the work that the ten of you are settling on the map.

He is not just sitting there for cosmetic reasons he is important.

When your team believes they’re powerful enough you can attack him and, and if should you win, he drops an item that grants one player on your team another life. In the further stages of games that second life on an extraordinary hero can be very useful and important.

Be cautious though; not only is he powerful, but the opposite team will be observing him closely as well.

Dota 2

9. Protect your base

DOTA 2 does sound very complex but at its ground level it is very simple; protect the enormous glowing building in the center of your base.

The constructions in this game matter more than finding a bit more gold or putting down an extra ward. If your home base is under enemy attack then you better run back to the base and defend it at all costs; your team won’t like any wasting time along the way either.


10. And prepare yourself for a lot of losing

You will definitely not win every battle, just like in life. Statistically speaking you won’t win even 60 percent of your games in DOTA 2. In fact, many of the people tend to settle around a 48-52 percent win proportion. You should accept this in your heart.

At times or most of the time, you’ll have a couple of noob teammates and at times the other team will be better than you simply. Just don’t get too discouraged when you lost a game because you will get better and fight even better in the next game.

Remind yourself about your losses and don’t get too high and mighty when you win the battle – these streaks can come to an end very quickly and you will hit the losing streak again.


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