10 Best Cases For HTC Desire 530

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HTC Desire 530 is a mid-range phone from HTC. It comes equipped with with an 8Mp camera and 1.5GB RAM and has a 5″ screen. Here are the 10 best cases for the HTC desire 530 for those who already own this beautiful phone.

10. Love Ying HTC Desire 530 Case(7.39$)

10 Best Cases For HTC Desire 530 (4)

Clear TPU case checks all the boxes for a basic protective cover. The case is a tight fit and offers easy access to all the ports/buttons. The product is scratch/dust proof.


9. HTC Desire 530 Case by Oeago(5.99$)

Cases For HTC Desire 530

The case is almost similar to the last one as it is also made from transparent TPU. But this one is covered in colourful dye and is offered at a much lower cost. This one also has a comparatively thicker coating of TPU material.


8. HTC Desire 530 Case, Dgtle(7.99$)

Cases For HTC Desire 530

Made from flexible TPU material, this case is easy to apply and remove. Having a matte black finish, this case provides access to all the ports and buttons on the phone while helping you to keep it in brand new shape.


7. HTC Desire 530 Case, LK Ultra [Slim Thin] (7.99$)

Cases For HTC Desire 530

LK Ultra provides cases for a number of phones over a wide variety of brands. This simple case is made from silicone and possesses strategic contours that help you grip. The case can resist minor impacts while being 100% dustproof.


6. HTC 530 Case, Harryshell(TM)(1.99$)

Cases For HTC Desire 530

One of the most cost-effective buys on our list. This soft TPU case comes with its inspirational message and thanks to a vibrant colour combination, it also makes your phone aesthetically pleasing.


5. HTC Desire 530 Case, MP-Mall (9.99$)

Cases For HTC Desire 530

This rugged wallet case provides ample pocket space while offering protection to the highest degree. Made from synthetic leather, the case can resist massive impacts thanks to a thick fabric lining. The case also has a magnetic closure that secures your belongings.


4. HTC Desire 530 Case, Nuomaofly(7.99$)

Cases For HTC Desire 530

The hybrid dual-layered case is made from a combination of the TPU inner layer and a hard polycarbonate outer shell. Thanks to shiny plastic crystals, the case also has an element of bling that makes it unique and can be perfect for parties.


3. HTC Desire 530 Case, NageBee(9.98$)

Cases For HTC Desire 530

NageBee is a premium supplier of cell phone cases for almost every brand and as you can see from the picture their cases have a distinctive look. This wallet case has mesmerizing Aztec art and offers ample pocket space to keep your money/credit cards.


2. HTC Desire 530 Case By CoverON®(7.99$)

Cases For HTC Desire 530

This is another dual-layered case on our list. The Cover on product has a rugged back and a raised lip along the edges that help prevent any damages to the screen and the manufacturer even protects it under a 90-day warranty.


1. HTC Desire 530 Case, Nagebee – Heavy Duty Hybrid Protective Armor Case(9.98$)

Cases For HTC Desire 530

Painted with a mix of bright colors, this dual-layered case helps your phone stand out. The Nagebee dual-layered case even has reinforced edges while contoured sidelining increases traction, helping the user grip their phone.

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