10 Best Educational Games for Students

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There are many games available for educational purposes, either using devices or one’s creativity. There are hundreds of games that can be played with only a pen, paper and cardboard and others require mobile phones or computers. In this era, everyone from an early age owns a smartphone. Instead of being glued to your android devices either on social media or playing games, there is a new way to use your phone to boost your brilliant educational ability. App developers have come up with games both for children and teenagers that boost their mental strength while improving their knowledge.

Here are some of the best educational games out there that can be played using gadgets or essential commodities:

  • Crazy Machines: The Wacky Contraptions Game

It is a game that does not focus on any curriculum, but it will teach you how things work. It applies the basic concepts of gravity and physics. You put up a board and start turning different gears and levers to see what happens. It offers you hundreds of things to experiment with and is a good learning game, especially for a child who is curious about mechanical stuff. Crazy machines also give you guidelines on how to make a device and its components.


  1. Around The World

It is a game best suited for kids in grades 3 to 8. Students practice math activities while being timed. You ask the kids, two at a time, to walk around the room. The one who answers first proceeds to the next student and the teacher asks another question. The goal is to see who will move around the entire classroom answering the questions first, ending up in their original seat. Once this is accomplished, another math problem is given and the game continues. A different challenger stands, and the game starts all over again. This game works well to boost competition among students as none wants to be the one who was left seated without moving through the class.


  1. Airport Tycoon

It’s a strategy game for high school students onwards. You learn all the tips about money and management by running an airport. You need to choose all the significant changes and additions to the airport. You require foresight and coming up with creative ideas. To get a high ranking, you are required to run the airport efficiently. You are expected to build runways, choose flight destinations, relate well with the staff, run businesses in the airport, hire promoters, and most importantly, earn as much money as possible in 24 months.

It teaches one on the importance of teamwork because if your workers are unhappy, you lose money. It also shows one of the best locations to set up businesses and how to use celebrities to boost your business.


  1. Education Bingo

You can create countless games using bingo, from American independence to math questions, depending on what level of education you’re at. For history, you can use people’s faces on the boards or famous landmarks. For math, you have problems that can be done on paper or mentally. The best part about bingo is that you can tailor it to whatever you are learning currently. From kids who are learning to spell to chemistry problems for college students. Bingo can be purchased at many stores making it an easy go-to option. Also, there are fun and educational websites that can help you come up with one.


  1. Fast Facts

The idea behind this is to give your students 100 simple questions on a subject while timing them. You want them to understand this issue so well that they become second nature to them. The mind will absorb these questions and will automatically recall the answer if you use this game on a regular basis.


  1. Student Made

Students come up with a game that they think will assist their fellow students to understand a subject well. Here, they are given a chance to display their creativity while learning at the same time. These games are working best when the students know that they will get marks from their presentation as a formal assessment. This piles pressure on them to come up with a game that is educative and fun.

  1. Dinosaur Park Math

This game is about addition and subtraction while still learning dinosaur facts. The game angle is for the player to go through the whole park. But before they move to different stages, they have to answer math questions to unlock it. You collect different parts of a dinosaur also and when you have all the pieces, a guide appears. They proceed to explain to you which type it is, where it lived, and how it became extinct. It’s only a game but, it helps your child learn smarter.

  1. Stack the States

This is an app that covers everything about the geography of the United States, from borders, abbreviations, state shapes, and capitals. You can play as a group since the game allows up to six unique profiles. You are solving trivia about states in America, and the questions have multiple choices. Once answered correctly, you place the state at the base as you pile them up to the checkered line. It is a good game especially if you are competing. Nothing brings out the best in you like competition.

  1. National Geographic Challenge

It is a multi-player game of up to 4 players. The goal is to take over countries by answering geographic questions and puzzles. This is to develop your imperialistic skills. There are beautiful and unique pictures of the different places you visit. For anyone who has a passion for geography, this is a great game.


  1. Brainiversity

This is a game that not only focuses on your creativity but also on improving your logic. Although it only offers a specific subject that covers rhetorical analysis topics, it helps in keeping your brain sharp. It focuses on your speed and accuracy. It uses different puzzles like finding differences in things or matching objects to test you. The faster you are, the more points you earn.



Games are not just about having fun. They can also educate young students and those in high school and beyond. Tutors teaching different academic levels are incorporating games into their syllabus. 53% of teachers surveyed by say that they use games in class on a weekly basis. They are a great studying tool while preparing for finals, midterms, or the end of a unit. I understood games can be given to different groups of students to come up with their own for various chapters on a subject. They also take a short time to create as templates and ideas for them are readily available online.

Try out some of these games especially if your child likes staying on their phone or computer playing games that are not informative. Some of them don’t require a phone or computer and can be played in class or as an outdoor activity. Tutors are now implementing games into their teaching patterns to jog the minds of their students. Some subjects require this to break up monotony especially if the students find them complicated.

Introducing some fun to learning will make it more interesting to the students. Are there any more educative games that we have missed? You can share them with us.


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