10 Best Games Based On Greek Mythology

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Greek mythology, with its captivating Gods and Goddesses, is a treasure trove of enthralling tales that have enthused and enchanted people for centuries. These legendary stories have transcended time and found a prominent place in various forms of media, particularly in the realm of video games. In essence, mythological games have the power to transport players into a world teeming with gods, heroes, and mystical creatures, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who resided in the fascinating Greek era.

While these games may draw inspiration from Greek mythology, they go beyond mere replication, leaving an indelible impact on players that is difficult to quantify. From narratives revolving around formidable Greek deities to intricate plots intertwined with influential myths, these video games possess an uncanny ability to captivate and engage players until the very end. Prepare to embark on a journey that combines immersive gameplay with rich mythological lore, delving deep into the essence of these timeless tales.

So, without any further delay, let us embark on a quest to expand our knowledge of Greek mythology by exploring the games that serve as the beating heart and soul of these beloved and classic narratives. Through these interactive experiences, we have the opportunity to unravel the mysteries of the ancient Greek pantheon, tread the paths of legendary heroes, and unravel the intricate tapestry of myths that have shaped our cultural heritage. Brace yourself for an epic adventure that transcends time and immerses you in the wonders of Greek mythology like never before.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

10 Immortals Fenyx Rising

Fenyx battling a formidable enemy in the mythical world of Immortals Fenyx Rising Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as Immortals Fenyx Rising grants you the incredible opportunity to become a demigod in your own right. This captivating game seamlessly combines well-constructed gameplay, featuring intricate puzzles and exhilarating combat. While its art style has drawn comparisons to the acclaimed title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Immortals Fenyx Rising offers a unique and immersive experience that stands on its own.

Set in a vibrant and sprawling world inspired by Greek mythology, you assume the role of Fenyx, a courageous winged demigod. Tasked with the monumental mission of saving the Greek Gods from a dark and malevolent curse, you’ll find yourself immersed in a thrilling adventure. Discover the vast pantheon of deities, unlock extraordinary powers, and unleash your might against formidable foes. Yet, beneath its surface, Immortals Fenyx Rising harbors untapped potential, promising an unforgettable gaming experience that exceeds all expectations.

Age Of Mythology

9 Age Of Mythology

Experience the grandeur of Greek mythology come to life in Age of Mythology’s captivating gameplay Enter a world steeped in the magnificence of Greek Gods and legendary creatures, where real-time strategy serves as your compass in navigating and managing the affairs of mortals. Age of Mythology presents a captivating journey, where the conquest of enemies and the establishment of thriving towns are your primary objectives. Raise mighty cities from humble beginnings and command mythological creatures to bolster your formidable army.

What sets Age of Mythology apart is the unique ability to choose and align yourself with one of the Greek Gods. This innovative twist on traditional real-time strategy games infuses iconic mythology into a civilization entirely of your own creation. With each passing moment, you’ll witness the fruits of your labor as your town flourishes and your armies grow stronger. Age of Mythology is a truly rewarding experience, showcasing the vast depths of its gameplay and the richness of Greek mythology.


8 Apotheon

Embark on a visually stunning and action-packed journey through Ancient Greek mythology in Apotheon Step into the realm of Apotheon, a remarkable 2D platformer that weaves an immersive narrative amidst the backdrop of Ancient Greek mythology. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of Olympus, replete with striking visuals that effortlessly captivate your senses.

Apotheon’s combat is a visceral and intense experience, demanding precision and skill as you wield a myriad of ancient weapons, from swords to spears, against relentless adversaries. The game masterfully combines brutal action with sheer entertainment, enticing you to challenge the Greek Gods themselves in your quest to save mankind. It’s a thrilling odyssey that will keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting the next monumental clash.

Kid Icarus

7 Kid Icarus (Series)

Experience the nostalgia and wonder of the classic Kid Icarus series, set in a world of enchanting Greek mythology The Kid Icarus series holds a special place in the hearts of Nintendo gaming enthusiasts, with its iconic side-scrolling adventures that transport players to breathtaking landscapes reminiscent of Greek mythology. Equipped with a trusty bow as your primary weapon, you’ll engage in fast-paced battles against a variety of monstrous creatures, making each encounter a thrilling and dynamic experience.

Within the mystical world of Angel Land, where Greek mythology reigns supreme, you assume the role of Pit, on a valiant quest to rescue Palutena from the clutches of the ruthless Medusa. The Kid Icarus series seamlessly blends nostalgic gameplay mechanics with an engrossing storyline, creating a relaxing and immersive gaming experience that will undoubtedly capture your imagination.

Titan Quest

6 Titan Quest

Unleash your might and conquer the ancient Titans in the epic hack-and-slash adventure of Titan Quest Prepare yourself for an enthralling hack-and-slash adventure as you undertake the monumental task of vanquishing the mighty Titans, who have escaped their eternal prison. In this quest, the gods have chosen you as their champion, and your destiny intertwines with the fate of both mortals and immortals alike. Titan Quest masterfully combines the allure of Greek mythology with captivating visuals and strategic, deliberate gameplay.

Fortunately, the mechanics of the game are not overly complex, allowing you to quickly grasp the intricacies of combat and character development. Drawing inspiration from iconic action role-playing games like Diablo, Titan Quest presents a slightly slower-paced and more tactically-oriented experience. It stands as a remarkable Greek-themed counterpart to Diablo, weaving a sprawling narrative that offers a profound sense of satisfaction upon its conclusion.


5 Smite

Harness the power of mythological gods in the addictive multiplayer battleground of Smite While not solely focused on Greek mythology, Smite draws significant inspiration from the formidable pantheon of mythological gods. With an impressive roster of over 90 playable characters, you have the opportunity to assume the role of mighty figures such as Zeus, unleashing their divine powers upon the battlefield. The addictive nature of this multiplayer game intensifies as you engage in strategic battles against other skilled players.

Beyond the thrilling battles, Smite offers a rich tapestry of lore waiting to be uncovered, adding depth to the immersive experience. As you progress, your skills and knowledge of the game grow, transforming you into an unstoppable force. The welcoming nature of Smite ensures that even newcomers can quickly find their footing, plunging headfirst into the epic clashes that await them.

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Zeus: Master of Olympus

4 Zeus: Master of Olympus

Gameplay from Zeus: Master of Olympus Zeus: Master of Olympus is an immersive and engaging installment in the City Building series, offering players a relaxing yet rewarding experience. Set in the Ancient Greek period, this single-player strategy game allows you to unleash your management abilities and create magnificent cities.

Unlike traditional historical settings, Zeus: Master of Olympus incorporates elements of fantasy, featuring legendary monsters and Greek figures. The game intricately captures the essence of Ancient Greece, allowing you to govern various aspects of city life, including farming and entertainment. From its isometric view, you become fully immersed in the lives of your citizens, witnessing their triumphs and challenges.

Assassins Creed Odyssey

3 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Promo art for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Assassin’s Creed Odyssey stands as a remarkable entry in the popular series, providing players with the power to shape their own destiny and unravel the secrets of their past. Set amidst a backdrop of an ongoing war between Gods and men, you embark on a thrilling journey through vibrant environments.

What sets this game apart is its exhilarating combat system. Engage in epic battles between Athens and Sparta, infiltrate enemy bases and strongholds, and unleash your skills as a formidable warrior. Alongside the action-packed gameplay, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey offers rich storytelling and memorable encounters with diverse characters from Ancient Greece, who aid you in your quest for vengeance.


2 Hades

Gameplay from Hades Hades, a hack-and-slash masterpiece, stands as a testament to the captivating world of Greek mythology. Prepare to face relentless challenges posed by various formidable Greek figures. Failure is not discouraged but instead fuels your determination to persevere. As you delve deeper into the game, you are rewarded for your relentless pursuit of the Gods of Olympus, aiming to defeat them once and for all.

Beyond its intense combat, Hades invites you into a charmingly quirky world, brimming with fascinating lore. The time spent honing your skills and exploring its intricacies is never taken for granted, making it a highly replayable experience. Each playthrough unravels new secrets and unlocks powerful abilities, ensuring that no two runs are the same.

God Of War

1 God Of War (Series)

Kratos and Atreus overlooking a cliff (God of War 2018) The God of War series has long been a staple in gaming, captivating players with its exploration of Greek mythology. While the latest installment, God of War Ragnarök, delves into Norse mythology, the series has consistently showcased the mature and visceral aspects of Greek lore. Through the eyes of the formidable Kratos, we embark on a journey fueled by vengeance and witness the depths of his emotional turmoil.

Within the God of War games, an air of mystical mystery permeates every moment. The franchise introduces us to memorable characters and unveils the darker, more ruthless side of Greek figures. Betrayal plays a pivotal role, evoking strong emotions and compelling us to aid Kratos in exacting his rightful revenge upon those who have wronged him. With its gripping narrative and awe-inspiring action, the God of War series has solidified its place as a titan in the realm of Greek mythology-based gaming experiences.

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