10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

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Browser extensions can be incredibly useful, helping you streamline your productivity and increase your work rate without ever having to fire up another app or program.




2016-01-21 16_33_39-10 of the best Google Chrome extensions (that are guaranteed to waste your time)

It’s Monday afternoon, you’re flagging after a boozy ‘spoons lunch, and the Google spreadsheet you’re staring at is about as exciting as, well, a spreadsheet. Luckily for you the motivational intensity of everyone’s favorite Hollywood crazy-man Shia LaBeouf is a mere button click away. Popping up in the corner of your browser, he’ll scare you into productivity in an instant.

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“How did your mother and I meet? Well, one day I opened up a new Chrome tab. I was planning to carry out some research on Colonel Sanders’ secret spice recipe, but instead your mother popped up as part of this extension which pairs you up with like-minded people on Facebook.

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2016-01-21 16_33_30-10 of the best Google Chrome extensions (that are guaranteed to waste your time)

Nicholas Cage is one of the finest thespians to have ever graced the soil of this good green Earth. For those of you who feel that same way, this extension will be the only one you’ll ever need. It replaces every single photo on each site you visit with pictures and gifs of Mr. Cage himself, making your browsing experience infinitely better in the process.

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This extension presents you with a new picture of a cat each and every single day, at the press of a simple button. And that’s it. No fancy effects, no distracting animations, just a photo of a kitty (or occasionally a bunny or a dog) to brighten up your day.

There’s only one cat per day, mind, so if you need a heavier feline fix then you may have to search elsewhere. We hear there are a fair few cats pictures on the internet, so you’ll probably find them easily enough.

Download it here



2016-01-21 16_38_45-Adorable Hamster Pet - Chrome Web Store

Keep killing your pet hamsters with your negligence and short attention span? Ditch the shoebox funerals and funky cage smells for this little fellow, who’ll happily be spinning around his wheel long after you’re dead and buried.

Feed him little food pellets, watch as he follows your cursor around and… well, that’s pretty much it. Also, we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but we’re not sure how to go about finding out.

Download it here

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