10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

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Cloud To Butt Plus


If you haven’t heard of this classic extension then you’ve been living with your head in the butts. The premise is simple enough – it takes the word cloud and automatically swaps it to the word butt. Each time it does its job, you’ll chuckle heartily to yourself, perhaps with a slight shake of the head, basking in a fleeting moment of safe and sensible humour before getting on with your day. You rascal you.

Download it here


Meow Met


If the previous extension supplying only one cat per day isn’t enough for you, then Meow Met is your saviour. It overrides the standard New Tab page with a randomly selected cat from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s online collection. Clicking on a picture lets you learn more about it, so it’s an educational tool above all else, really.

Download it here



Shove is a potentially very useful extension that lets you remotely open up anything you fancy in someone else’s browser. Clearly it’s ripe for lots of abuse, but both parties need to agree that they’re willing to participate before any shenanigans ensue.

The idea behind it is to let you quickly share interesting content with your friends, but we all know it’s going to be used to show off questionable websites during important presentations. #onlinebants

Download it here




John Cena, if you’re not already aware, is a hulking mass of a bloke who gets paid to pretend-fight people in a WWE ring for money, and he’s also somehow evolved into a meme.
This particular extension gives you a 1 in 100 chance of loading up any website as normal, before his entrance video takes over your screen and music is blasted through your speakers or headphones. We’re not entirely sure why you’d want to subject yourself to this, but perhaps you like to live dangerously.



If you’ve installed all of the above extensions then your browser probably looks like Internet Explorer in the early 2000s, pre-adblock and pop-up blockers. If you’re in the office and someone noteworthy happens to pop by, you’ll find this particular extension very handy.

Click one button, and all of your open tabs are immediately closed, hiding all evidence of procrastination in an instant. All of your open tabs are saved in a bookmarks folder too, so you can pick up your important time wasting exactly where you left it off.

Download it here

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