10 Best NASCAR Video Games of All Time

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Nascar has a cult following and its a sport that attracts huge viewing numbers from across America.

Nascar video games are in abundance and they came out every now and then. There were many games on PlayStation and EA’s NASCAR 99 was the best for me to play, Nascar races make amazing video games and they are also huge in betting, if you are interested you can check out Nascar betting by clicking the link.

EA was the major studio for making sports games but in recent years they are not making impressive games, NASCAR ’07 is exhibit A, and they got an exclusive license which is now expired didn’t encourage them to keep making some impressive games. Now, NASCAR is using the old open-license technique, enabling any developer to make a game for Nascar, and this is how they are hoping more and more games will come out and in high quality due to competition.

The best of NASCAR video games released between about 1999 and 2005. There are some games that are coming out soon, but if you want to try out Nascar games there are still some good ones available in the market, but I have to warn you most of them are classics and you won’t find something amazing on this gen of consoles or the ones coming this Holiday season.


10. Days of Thunder: Arcade

You might be thinking Paramount and Viacom are crazy for releasing a game that is based on a 20-year-old movie back in 2010 and you won’t be wrong.

The game experienced many delays that have prevented the game to be in the market earlier, but the idea of getting to race against such legends of the movie as Cole Trickle, Russ Wheeler, and Rowdy Burns still has some attraction but it’s for the people who are the fans of the movie.

9. NASCAR 2011: The Game

I have to say this game is adrenaline-fueled, graphics now look somewhat aged but the game aged better than the most games and it still got some serious kick to it. Activision is got the NASCAR experience–they were briefly a sponsor for Mark Martin in the mid-1980s. So they know how it feels to be in the car and how it feels to be on the stands.

8. NASCAR Rumble

Now this one is a true classic and it is for gamers who love nostalgia. This is NASCAR-meets-Mario-Kart, It is a lovely concept EA later adopted with NASCAR Kart Racing for the Wii. But NASCAR Rumble provided you to pimp out your cars and even they even added six Craftsman Trucks to go along with its Winston Cup teams and some secret vehicles.

The tracks are not real locations on the globe, It has some open highways to a fantasy race around a large fountain, and usually, it comes with shortcuts and all, It is a fun game to play so leave your Nascar suits in the closet for this one.


7. NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona

Dirt to Daytona was Hasbro Interactive’s third and final NASCAR game, and it was the first game to include the idea of moving up from the bottom ranges of the sport, the dirt tracks, to the highest of level in video games. It is a brilliant game and it is so much fun to play I still have it ready on my console, and although the gameplay of the game is less polished than most famous games the fun is there.


6. NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition

Ready for this one? It hit the market in 1999, and it was very good back in the day I didn’t play it recently but I have some good memories spending time in this game. Nascar 1999 Edition came out with the Busch Series and Craftsman Truck cars and let users race in fields of up to 39, This is the first game to do this.


5. NASCAR Heat 4

Now, this one is a brand new game and it comes with all the bells and whistles for your latest hardware, It is crisp, it is tight and it is so much fun to play! There is much more fun to race than ever before in NASCAR Heat 4! You can create your own race team and fight in the Xtreme Dirt Tour in the newly expanded maps, The most prominent improvement in graphics and sound of the cars in nearly a decade.

4. NASCAR Heat Evolution

NASCAR Heat Evolution is developed by Monster Games and published by Dusenberry Martin Racing. The video game was released on September 13, 2016, and it is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is one awesome game to play I have to say this is a game on a league on its own, It comes with high-energy races and sounds that are true to real-life racing cars.

3. NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona

Nascar Dirt to Daytona will challenge players to the mac and it comes with an ultimate NASCAR Career Mode! It is the only game that comes with 4 different NASCAR racing series! Racing to win is an integral part of the game and this is the only way to advance from small-town dirt tracks to big muscle cars, to trucks, and finally the most prestigious NASCAR Winston Cup cars.

2. NASCAR ’15

If you want to taste Victory and all its glory, this is the game for you. It comes with real NASCAR drivers and real-life tracks, NASCAR ’15 Victory Edition is a high-energy, fast-paced racing game that guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole length of the race. It comes with a lot of color schemes a Quick Race mode, Career, and Multiplayer modes, It is on sale now so give it a try while the sale lasts.

1. NASCAR Thunder 2004

EA Sports did an extensive amount of groundwork for NASCAR Thunder 2004. The 2003 game came up with driver AI and car handling up to realistic standards, changing the franchise into the simulation that NASCAR fans have been asking for a really long time. However, to enjoy this game, you need to buy one of the best gaming laptops under 900 dollars. Thanks to the additions of a 20-year career mode, a complete tutorial, and fast challenges that enabled players to live some of the key events from the 2002 racing season, EA Sports gave NASCAR fans a product that represented their beloved sport with the same level of authenticity and respect as the company’s other sports games. NASCAR Thunder 2004 is a far superior game, You can tweak and enhance every perspective of the game while combining in a variety of new features–the most important one is an intricate system of rivalries and partnerships that makes each race more serious and intense, If you haven’t tried this game then I recommend you should.

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