10 Best Strategy Games To Play Right Now

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If you’re a fan of Age of Empires and can’t wait for the new game to be released in 2023, there are plenty of other great games that you can play in the meantime. Here are 10 games like Age of Empires that are available right now and offer a similar experience:



Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

It’s no secret that Vikings have been a hot topic in recent years, thanks in part to popular TV shows like “Vikings” and “The Last Kingdom.” But while these portrayals of Viking life might glamorize their brutal raids and battles, they often leave out the more mundane aspects of daily life in a Norse settlement. That’s where the indie game Northgard comes in.

In Northgard, you take on the role of a Viking clan leader tasked with building and expanding your settlement. But this isn’t just a game about resource management and city building. Northgard also incorporates elements of Norse mythology, with the gods themselves playing an important role in your clan’s success or failure.

As you explore the land around you, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges, from harsh weather conditions to rival clans vying for the same resources. But you’ll also discover opportunities to trade with other settlements, expand your territory through conquest, and uncover ancient relics that will give your clan a leg up in battle.

One of the things that sets Northgard apart from other historical sims is its willingness to embrace the more fantastical elements of Norse mythology. You’ll encounter undead warriors, mythical creatures, and even the gods themselves, who can grant your clan powerful bonuses if you appease them with sacrifices and offerings.

But don’t get too caught up in worshiping the gods and battling your enemies. Northgard also reminds players that survival in a harsh, unforgiving environment is just as important as conquering new lands. A brutal winter can wipe out your entire clan if you’re not prepared, and even the most powerful army can be decimated by a sudden blizzard.

In short, Northgard is a game that balances historical accuracy with fantastical elements, challenging players to build and manage a successful Viking settlement while navigating the treacherous waters of Norse mythology and a harsh, unpredictable environment. If you’re a fan of city builders, strategy games, or just Vikings in general, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Command & Conquer is an iconic real-time strategy game that has stood the test of time. Combining a touch of history with a flair for the outlandish, the game features full-motion video performances from legendary actors such as Tim Curry and George Takei.

The plot of Command & Conquer is a madness of time travel, with players being transported to alternate realities where they must battle for control of resources and territory. There are three factions to choose from, each with their own unique units, structures, and abilities: the Allies, the Soviet Union, and the Empire of the Rising Sun.

But forget historical accuracy, because in Command & Conquer, you get to play with some of the most outrageous weapons and units imaginable. From psionic schoolgirls and armored war bears to Vacuum Imploders, Proton Colliders, and nanoparticle shields, the game offers an endless array of absurd and entertaining ways to build bases and launch attacks.

With its addictive gameplay, memorable characters, and over-the-top action, Command & Conquer is a true classic that continues to captivate gamers of all ages. If only history lessons had been more like this, perhaps more people would have paid attention in class!



Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X

If you’re a fan of strategy games that offer a dark and foreboding atmosphere, then Frostpunk is the game for you. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a catastrophic event has caused the planet to freeze over, you play as the leader of the last surviving city on Earth. Your primary objective is to keep your city’s residents alive and happy in a world that is harsh and unforgiving.

To achieve this goal, you must build facilities and homes, manage resources, and most importantly, maintain the city’s power supply. Ensuring that the city stays warm enough to support life is a constant battle, as you must deal with unexpected weather conditions and other unforeseen events that can cause power outages.

However, managing the city’s infrastructure is only half the battle. As the leader of the city, you must also deal with moral dilemmas that can arise from difficult choices that need to be made. For example, how will you deal with lawbreakers? Will you choose to enforce strict punishments, or will you attempt to rehabilitate them instead?

Another moral choice that you will face is how to manage the population’s happiness. Will you try to encourage people to follow religion to keep them content and docile, or will you allow them to pursue their own beliefs, even if it means they may become unhappy and rebellious? None of the choices are easy or obvious, and it’s worryingly easy to go from a benevolent ruler to a child labor tyrant when things get tough.

Frostpunk is a game that will challenge you both mentally and emotionally. The bleak and brutal world that it presents will keep you on the edge of your seat, as you struggle to keep your city and its residents alive against all odds. If you’re a fan of strategy games that offer deep and meaningful gameplay, then Frostpunk is definitely a game that you should check out.

Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

If you’re a fan of strategy games that involve building and advancing your civilization through various stages of history, then Dawn of Man might be the game for you. This game puts you in the shoes of a leader of a small tribe in the prehistoric era, tasked with ensuring their survival and progression through time.

One of the key aspects of the game is advancing your people through different periods of human history, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. This involves not only gathering resources and building structures but also hunting mammoths, cave lions, and wooly rhinos, as well as fending off raiders who threaten your tribe’s safety.

Another important aspect of the game is keeping a close eye on the seasons. Your technology tree is still a few years away from adding radiators, so you’ll need to ensure that your tribe has enough food and clothing to stay warm during the winter months. Failure to do so can result in your little people turning into “pink popsicles,” as the game humorously puts it.

However, if you manage to succeed in advancing your tribe, you’ll have the opportunity to construct impressive Stonehenge-style structures and build a thriving civilization. On the other hand, failure to manage your tribe’s needs and resources can lead to the downfall of humanity.

Overall, Dawn of Man provides a fun and engaging experience for players who enjoy strategy games and the challenge of guiding a tribe through the trials and tribulations of prehistoric life.

Tooth and Tail

Tooth and Tail

Platforms: PC, PS4

Imagine a civil war, but with a twist: a much fluffier version than what we’re used to. In this alternate reality, you take on the role of a general in one of four factions – the Longcoats, Commonfolk, KSR, and Civilized – as you direct the action on the battlefield. You’re responsible for attacks, retreats, scouting, and building at a crazy pace, all while navigating a world filled with cute and cuddly creatures.

Despite the whimsical illustrations – which will bring back memories of those weird, dark 1980’s cartoons – this game is not for the faint of heart. With a tough learning curve and plenty of challenges, even the most battle-hardened RTS player will find themselves on the edge of their seat.

As a general, you must lead your troops to victory by making strategic decisions and using your resources wisely. Will you focus on building up your base and defenses, or will you launch a surprise attack on your enemy? Will you engage in small skirmishes or all-out warfare? The choices are yours to make, and they will have a profound impact on the outcome of the war.

But it’s not just about winning battles. You must also consider the welfare of your troops and the civilians caught in the crossfire. Will you show mercy to your enemies or be ruthless in your pursuit of victory? Will you prioritize the needs of your own faction or work to establish peace and unity among all the creatures of the land?

With its unique blend of cute and quirky visuals and challenging gameplay, this fluffy civil war will have you hooked from the very beginning. So choose your faction, gather your troops, and prepare for battle – the fate of the land rests in your hands.

Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

In Age of Empires, players are tasked with building and managing a colony in a historical setting, but what if that colony were built in a post-apocalyptic world? That is the premise of a new strategy game where players must contend with not only the usual management of food, power, and housing, but also with the consequences of a world devastated by disaster.

In this game, pollution is a major concern, as it can cause radiation sickness that can impact the health and well-being of your people. Players must be careful to balance their industrial needs with environmental concerns, or risk losing their people to illness and death.

Bandits also pose a threat in this post-apocalyptic world, and players must be prepared to defend their colony against these marauders. At the same time, players must also consider what to do with other survivors who come looking for aid. Will you turn them away or welcome them into your colony? The decision is yours, but each choice has consequences.

To truly thrive, players must send their specialists out beyond the colony to scavenge for rare resources and increase their scientific knowledge. This knowledge can be used to improve the base, but it also opens up new possibilities for exploration and expansion. Will you be the one to discover a cure for radiation sickness or a way to purify the polluted land?

In this game, survival is key, but so is thriving. Players must balance their immediate needs with their long-term goals if they want to build a successful colony in a world ravaged by disaster. The challenges are many, but the rewards are great for those who can navigate the dangers and emerge victorious.

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Platforms: PC

It would be a crime to make a list of top games and not include Starcraft 2. The game has remained one of the most addictive and popular esports for over a decade since its original release in 2010. With its unique gameplay mechanics and immersive storyline, Starcraft 2 takes real-time strategy gaming to a whole new level.

In the game, players can choose to control one of three distinct factions: the humans (Terrans), the technologically advanced Protoss, or the insectoid Zerg. Each faction has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, making for a truly diverse gaming experience.

One of the standout features of Starcraft 2 is its incredible longevity, thanks in large part to the brilliant balancing and map editor options available to players. Even after 12 years, the game remains incredibly popular, and new updates and expansions are still being released regularly.

While the game’s single-player campaign is fantastic in its own right, it’s the multiplayer mode that really sets Starcraft 2 apart. The game’s competitive scene is one of the most intense and exciting in all of esports, with professional players competing for millions of dollars in prize money every year.

In conclusion, Starcraft 2 is a must-play game for anyone who loves strategy games or esports. With its gripping storyline, diverse factions, and endlessly entertaining multiplayer mode, it’s no wonder that the game remains a fan favorite to this day.

Bad North

Bad North

Platforms: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Bad North is a game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys the tactical battles of Age of Empires but doesn’t want to worry about resource management. The game strips away all the survival elements and delivers an addictive and brutal bit of real-time strategy. The main objective of the game is to defend your island from Viking invaders who can land on any coast and cause utter chaos. These invaders come in waves, and success in the game comes from managing your small units of soldiers and using the geography of your island to your advantage.

Bad North is a tough game that requires careful planning and strategy, but it helps that it looks like it fell out of a toybox. The game’s charming art style and vibrant colors are sure to put a smile on your face, even as you struggle to repel the Viking hordes. The game’s sound design is also worth mentioning, as it perfectly complements the game’s visuals and helps to immerse you in the world of Bad North.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter a variety of different enemy types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some enemies are heavily armored and can only be defeated by certain types of units, while others are faster and more agile and can quickly outmaneuver your defenders. This variety keeps the game fresh and challenging, and ensures that you’ll never get bored.

Overall, Bad North is a fantastic game that offers a unique take on the real-time strategy genre. Its stripped-down approach to gameplay and charming visuals make it accessible to players of all skill levels, while its challenging difficulty and deep strategy mechanics will keep even the most seasoned RTS veterans engaged for hours on end. So if you’re looking for a game that offers intense tactical battles without all the resource management, look no further than Bad North.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

Platforms: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

If you’re the type of gamer who couldn’t care less about the historical figures and factions featured in Age of Empires, and instead prefer the simple pleasure of building and managing a sprawling metropolis, then Cities: Skylines is the perfect game for you. With this game, you can spend countless hours designing and constructing your own urban paradise, complete with high-rise buildings, busy thoroughfares, and bustling commercial districts.

However, building a city isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s also about functionality. In Cities: Skylines, you’ll need to pay close attention to the needs and desires of your virtual citizens, ensuring that they have access to basic services like power, water, and sanitation. You’ll also need to consider the economic factors that drive the growth of your city, from attracting new businesses to creating jobs and managing the flow of goods and services.

Perhaps most challenging of all, you’ll need to master the art of urban planning, designing your city in a way that maximizes efficiency and minimizes congestion. Whether you’re laying down new roads, building bridges, or constructing public transportation systems, you’ll need to think strategically about how to keep your citizens moving and your economy booming.

Despite the complexity of the gameplay, Cities: Skylines has received widespread critical acclaim since its initial release. The game’s intuitive interface and robust modding support have made it a popular choice among gamers of all skill levels, and its ongoing updates and add-ons continue to expand the game’s already impressive range of features.

So, whether you’re a seasoned strategy gamer or simply someone who enjoys the thrill of building and managing a virtual world, Cities: Skylines is a must-play title that will keep you engaged for hours on end. With its combination of urban planning, economic management, and creative design, it’s a game that truly has something for everyone.

Tropico 6

Platforms: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

In Tropico 6, you’re tasked with building a city and managing its resources, all while playing the role of the infamous El Presidente. But it’s not just about building infrastructure and keeping your people happy. The game also offers a political edge, allowing you to make tough decisions that will either solidify your power as a ruthless dictator or earn you the love and admiration of your citizens as a kind and cuddly statesman.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be faced with a range of challenges, from managing limited resources and competing with rival nations to dealing with natural disasters and responding to political crises. But what sets Tropico 6 apart is its ability to inject a sense of humor into these often serious situations. You can send your citizens on heists to steal iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, form alliances with revolutionaries, and give inspiring political speeches to sway public opinion in your favor.

Whether you’re playing the game’s challenging campaign missions or exploring its sandbox mode, there’s no shortage of content to keep you entertained for hours on end. And if you’re lucky enough to be playing on the latest generation of consoles, you’ll be pleased to know that an upgraded version of the game is set to release in March 2022, promising improved graphics, performance, and gameplay features.

So whether you’re a fan of city-building games, strategy games, or just looking for a fun and lighthearted way to pass the time, Tropico 6 is definitely worth checking out. With its unique blend of humor, politics, and challenging gameplay, it’s sure to keep you entertained and engaged for hours on end.

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