10 Brilliant Watch Gadgets

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Moto 360 stays true to the timeless form of the classic wristwatch. A round design maximizes the display area while ensuring a comfortable fit, so you can get the information you want conveniently on your wrist.From its stainless steel case to world-renowned Horween leather, each material is carefully chosen and meticulously crafted. Corning Gorilla Glass helps prevent scratches to protect your investment.Moto 360 displays timely notifications based on where you are and what you’re doing, so you always stay on track.

Travel into that world of blues surrounding you after wearing the SevenFriday Industrial Essence Blue Watch on your wrist. Through an interesting interface, this watch takes you to the mechanical world of time viewing with a stainless steel case having a black PVD treatment. The blue dial has been complemented with an alternative jet black opalin finish which is what makes the watch look more eye-catching and beautiful.

Bradley Watch
Let’s face it, analog wristwatches do come with a class and this interesting Bradley Watch by Eone Time is definitely another good addition on the list. It’s got a minimal design complemented with an industrial look that together makes a wonderful combination you can’t avoid flaunting on your wrists. The watch has a titanium case with the dial being a tiny pebble-like ball travelling around the clock indicating time by following a new fashion.

Meet an analog watch that’s directly inspired from the digital world in the form of this Icon Watch by IDEA. The simplistic border lines together with the color that’s more like the one found on the digital screen, this watch is an absolute must-have for geeks and digital nerds who love to live with the digital side beside them. The watch is available in grey color and is a smart fit on the wrist which might take you back to your days of playing with the Lego bricks once again.

It may not be overly embedded with features and new design but the Winston Heritage Chambray Watch by Komono is what can take a watch lover back to the ‘90s once again. The watch comes with a Japanese Quartz movement with a stainless steel back which looks a classic timepiece devoid of the modern aspects of watch design. But that’s what makes this wristwatch special because sometimes you do want to wear a piece that dates back to the past.

Introducing Teak & Bamboo Watch by Analog Watch Company – A wristwatch that gives you a sophisticated design out of 80% biodegradable products. It’s got a flexible teak strap made from lumber offcuts and a solid bamboo body, both of which together makes this timepiece look extremely classic and earth friendly at the same time.

Your style. Your digital life. Right on your wrist. COGITO POP combines fun and functionality, a connected watch designed expressly for the digital generation to fit your active, social lifestyle. Notifications appear, at a glance, directly on your wrist to provide a seamless link with those calls and messages most important to you. COGITO POP merges classic analog movement with intuitive digital notifications, bringing together the power of a connected watch with the timeless appeal of a fashionable timepiece.

Once you have a look at the Burel Class Sail Watch, the design is definitely going to remind you of the lines followed by today’s sailing boats. The watch looks extremely classic especially because of the striking combination of the teak wood dial and the black PVD steel case. It’s a piece worth gifting your sailor friend as the design draws its inspiration from the sailing boats which is reflected in the name and dial itself.

This Garmin Approach S6, Light watch is perfect for golfers to know the metrics behind their swings directly from the wrists. It comprises a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 10 hours of GPS golf on a single charge. The hi-resolution touchscreen gives you proper SwingStrength calibration thus helping your analyze how hard you’ve hit each club for better judgement on swing quality. Additional features such as the SwingTempo and TempoTrainingto helps in fine tuning your timing skills.

This elegantly crafted COOKOO Smart Watch has seamlessly merged the efficiencies of the analog world with your digital life. By connecting with your smartphone, it can notify you of your incoming calls, missed calls, Facebook post and messages, calendar reminders and more directly through the watch face. Even when your smartphone is tucked away, this gorgeous watch keeps your digital alerts handy right on your wrists without fail.

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