10 Essential Tips for Writing Good Articles

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Writing Good Articles

Whether it comes to journal articles, news stories, media reviews, synopses, profiles, or anything in between, to write a really good article that stands out from the general crowd is a challenging task for most novice writers. Let’s face it, article writing is an art that requires effort and practice, so be ready to build up your skills and deepen your knowledge bit by bit.

First of all, don’t be afraid to ask experienced writers for help when needed. Qualified assistance can boost your writing skills and expand your horizons. Just like with popular today companies providing dissertation writing help, there are lots of workshops, writing courses, and special groups for writers that can be found both, online and in face-to-face sessions. However, before to join any of them, do the preparatory work first. While each article type has its own unique qualities, there are still some characteristics that are common to all of them. The following tips will give you the main idea of where to start your writing journey.


Practical tips for novice article writers


  1. Have an idea shit.

Physically writing down your thoughts is a powerful act that can help you generate something original and striking. Try to narrow your ideas to come up with specific topics that inspire you to write.


  1. Use online editor apps.

Writing an article in an online editor program that automatically checks spelling and grammar errors (e.g. Grammarly or Hemingway) can save much of your time. Moreover, such apps can improve your writing skills.


  1. Minimize distractions.

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites can be a reason why you cannot write fast and fluently. Turn off all electronic distractions when writing an article. The same applies to emails and your mobile phone.


  1. Keep track of the important news.

Learn more about your audience. What do they like to read about? What are they most interested in? You need to keep track of the most important news and trends in order to meet your audience’s needs.


  1. Get inspired by other authors.

Read your favorite articles and blogs to get inspired by other people. You can even borrow some ideas and turn them into something unique. However, keep in mind that your article should still be 100% original without any trace of plagiarism.


  1. Include pictures and photos.

One of the easiest ways to create a good article is to include multimedia files in it. You can use other people’s pictures and photos with links to original sources and add your own short captions to them. Besides, such an approach can help you establish relationships with other writers and bloggers.


  1. Learn how to quote.

Another great way to write an interesting article is to include quotes from famous people and literature. You can agree with them, debate, and tell how you feel about them. Moreover, including quotes will also help you avoid plagiarism.


  1. Use bullet points and lists.

The truth is that bullet points and lists keep people reading your article like nothing else. Thereby, whether you like them or not, you need to include them in your writing. After all, they are the best way to attract the reader’s attention and make your points stronger.


  1. Write about what you really like.

If you are a novice writer, don’t try to write articles on topics that you don’t care about. Start with something that makes you feel happy and excited. Choose topics you like and have much to say about.


  1. Keep it concise yet complete.

Your articles should be useful to the reader, so don’t include any irrelevant or unnecessary information. It is better to write short and interesting articles instead of composing something long and useless.

Follow these simple tips, and you will be on your way to really good articles on any topic. Remember, the more you write, the better your writing is. Be patient, practice your skills, and you are sure to take your articles to the next level. Just believe in yourself, and you will achieve great success!


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