10 Extreme DIY Projects Made By People Like You And Me

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If you have a knack for DIY projects then you’ll love this amazing list of 10 super awesome DIY projects that we have compiled for you. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

10. The Alien TankExtreme DIY Projects

This DIY project entail a life size replica of a tank from the famous Transformers. A Chinese fan built this tank that measures in at a length of 4.5 meters and a height of 2.5 meters. It has been created out of metal and weighs 5 tons.

9. A Racing Cockpit for driving gamesExtreme DIY Projects

A racing fan decided that he was done playing racing games using a gamepad and went ahead to construct this amazing racing cockpit out of plywood. It took him a total of 7 months a budget of $1650 to do so.

8. A huge monster truck sized bike for fourExtreme DIY Projects

A monster truck fan decided to create a bike that could seat four persons and did so by using parts from normal bike, golf cart, patio chairs and go-cart. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

7. The Star Wars Triple bunk bedExtreme DIY Projects

Jonathan has built a bunk bed with three beds with an inspiration from the Imperial Walker (Star Wars) and spent a total of 350 hours for designing and subsequently building it.

6. Discover the ocean in your own submarineExtreme DIY Projects

Ever thought of wandering out in the ocean? So did this fellow and for this purpose created his own functional submarine that took a total of 3 years and measures in at a length of 16ft and is capable of diving down to 30 meters.

5. A Mini Monster Truck with Jet powerExtreme DIY Projects

Meet Dieter Strum who decided to make his own monster truck however, opted for a mini-monster truck design and incorporated some serious jet power. The result in a mini-truck that features ATDI GS-100 Turbojet engine and is capable of generating 160lb thrust.

4. A huge Optimus Prime statueExtreme DIY Projects

Hangzhou University students love Transformers and paid their tribute by collecting car parts and building Optimus Prime who stands 35ft tall.

3. An Unidentified Flying ObjectExtreme DIY Projects

This Chinese guy decided to make his own UFO and did so by using bike parts. The UFO features 8 engines that power the wooden propellers.

2. A Helicopter (Aka cage with blades on top)Extreme DIY Projects

Another Chinese decided to create his own helicopter and spent a total of $1,600 on his contraption that according to him, is capable of flying up to 2,600 feet, however, he was banned by the Government to fly this machine.

1. A Ride-able Roller CoasterExtreme DIY Projects

Jeremy Reid from USA built the Track Star Roller Coaster in his backyard. It took him 4 years to complete while employing the use of 2,900 board feet of pine, more than 7,000 nails and screws while costing him a total of $10,000. It can reach up to a maximum speed of 18mph.


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