10 Features Of Windows 7 That 95% Users Don’t Know

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5. WordPad’s file support


The previous WordPad was a bit restricted when it came to opening files other than RTF and TXT. Not this one though; feel free to open ODT or DOCX files on this WordPad. The only downside? It doesn’t work too good with all the fancy formatting stuff. On the bright side, you get to work with files without having to install their parent programs.

4. Power Efficiency Report


Open up CMD from the Start menu and type the following:

powercfg –energy

This results in the scanning of your system and after 60 seconds a file named energy-report.html will be created in \windows\system32 folder. You will have to copy it somewhere else before opening it and once opened, it will reveal which settings or devices are chunking away power or messing with power configurations.

3. Wipe free disk space


When you delete something in Windows, the space they had taken up is labeled as “available for use.” However, the deleted files are still restorable given that you use the right software until they are overwritten with more data. Open Command Prompt and type:

cipher /w:X

Replace X with the letter of the drive or partition you wish to wipe. It takes some time, so be patient.

2. Pin folders to the Taskbar


We all know how programs can be pinned to the taskbar, right? Here’s how you can keep the folders close to yourself. Drag them to the empty space on Taskbar and release the button once the “Pin to Windows Explorer” pops up. Every time you right click the Windows Explorer button now, you will have access to the folder via Jump List.

1. Hotkey a window between monitors


Hold onto the Windows key and press left or right arrow and your active window will be anchored in the direction you pressed. This happens on every monitor that you have and if you use Windows + Shift + Right/Left Arrow key, the active window jumps to the second monitor. It’s quite an easy way to navigate through different windows and monitors without having to drag and double click every now and then.

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