10 Funny Gambling Memes Derived From Popular Culture

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Gambling is a fun activity that many have come to love. is an excellent platform to checkout for any gaming enthusiasts who want to play unique free and real money versions of various casino games. Gaming lovers will agree that memes are one of the ways to make people laugh while expressing ideas, feelings, or thoughts. We have swept the internet to collect 10 of the best gambling memes inspired by pop culture that are bound to put a smile on your face.

1. The Poker Dog

In the meme above, you can see a bulldog playing a round of poker. Man’s best friend does not want the other players to leave the table because the mutt believes the game is not over. Why? A player still has their shirt on. It implies that the gang may be playing a round of strip poker. This dog does not want to see anyone abandon the game until everyone takes all their clothes off. It must be a very insistent and keen gamer!

2. Royalty Slots

Slot lovers who have watched Game of Thrones must be familiar with King Joffrey Baratheon. Contrary to popular belief, he was a Lannister, a son born from an incestuous relationship between Jaime Lannister and his twin sister Queen Cersei Lannister. People did not love Joffrey, and he was constantly angry and taken for granted. This said, the meme describes a feeling Joffrey and probably every gambler feels after losing many times when playing slots; then you decide to change the machine and end up hitting a huge win. At this point, you probably never want to play another game, and it becomes a slot worthy of a king.

3. Not A Problem

Barney, one of the main characters in How I Met Your Mother sitcom, is the inspiration for this gambling meme. In one episode, one of his best friends suggests that he has a gambling problem, but Barney retaliates by saying it cannot be a problem if he is incredible at it.

4. It’s All Gone

Many gaming lovers have been in such a situation before. You are having a great time gambling with a set budget, but it’s not just your day, and you end up spending your last coin without any significant wins. It’s definitely a feeling gamers do not want to experience regularly because it can be so disheartening.

5. Bingo Granma 

As grandma grew older, it became harder for her to leave the house to visit the casino each time she wanted to play poker. She, however, still loves gambling. One day as granny is walking past the computer, she spots her favourite bingo game. While the internet constantly surprises her, this is a discovery she will cherish for the longest time.

6. For The Pun Lovers

If you enjoy puns, this is one of the memes that will have you laughing out loud. It is a comic by Cyanide and Happiness that has two characters with an infectious sense of humour. They play with words about basically quitting gambling while ahead. Ahead, in this case, means the body part, which is the cyanide part or dry humour sense in the webcomic. Keep in mind that addiction is something some players have to grapple with. It is one of the reasons casinos advocate for responsible gambling to ensure it remains a fun activity.

7. Bender’s Personal Theme Park

If you have watched Futurama, you are aware of Bender, the funny robot representing individuals who are always angry when things do not go their way. He enjoys playing blackjack, but Bender gets kicked out of his favourite casino Luna Park located on the moon. Because he is pissed off, he immediately says he is going to build his theme park that will not only have blackjack but hookers as well.

8. I Go Winning

A classy man in this meme makes a bold statement. He says that he does not go gambling. What does he do when he goes to the casino? He only goes to win. While it is good to have a positive attitude when you go gambling, it is essential to note that you can record both wins and losses. It’s not advisable to be overconfident when placing real cash wagers so that you do not end up breaking your own heart. Such memes should not confuse you to spend your entire bankroll on a single game. Depending on the budget you are working with, you are better off.

9. More Puns!

This has got to be one of the funniest memes on the list for a couple of reasons:

  • There are plenty of casinos in Africa that facilitate gambling.
  •  Cheetahs do not cheat; they thrive in the wild, running.

This aside, it is probably a rhetorical question with a twist of wordplay here. The creator seems to imply that there is a lot of cheating in the African continent to the extent that gambling cannot thrive there. Whereas the meme is something to laugh about, it raises concern for a pertinent topic.

10. More Is More

Records show that the gambling industry worldwide attracts billions of dollars annually, with the figures growing over the years. The young boy cannot seem to fathom this research. He is wondering why people spend billions of dollars on gambling. Are they just trying to add more billions to the ones they already have? The notion seems quite puzzling to him. If it were him, perhaps he would sit back and enjoy his wealth without worrying too much about increasing the money he already had.


 Closing Thoughts

The “institution” of memes keeps growing to the extent that there is no funny caption that probably does not have a meme created for it. At times, the right meme at a particular time may be the best way to express yourself. If you are a gambling lover, you are welcome to go through the list above of gambling memes inspired by popular culture that will give you a good laugh.

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