They all look quite similar I give you that but battery and other satisfactions of these boards are quite different. If you are celebrating Back To The Future day today, then go through this list of hoverboards to arrive in the future of laziness.

10. NiceGoods Hover Board(365$)


This board can travel between 15to 20km/h and has a payload of about 100kg. Made from PVC this is certainly a low maintenance cheap hoverboard. You can get one here

9. Elecforu Hoverboard(346$)


This board has a speed limit of 15km/h, but we advise to drive slowly than that. This board also has a 100kg payload, but tires grip much better.The automatic double balancing system is also a plus. You can get one here

8. Self Balancing Scooter by RunActiv(343$)


The rubber grip footboard is much better than the previous two. The board can climb 25-degree hills with a payload of 120kg. Maximum speed is also good at 30km/h. You can get one here

7. Amorus Hoverboard(350$)


This board is the most energy efficient and can run almost 20km on a single charge. As stated by the manufacturer, the maximum safe speed is 15km/h at a maximum 15-degree angle. You can get one here

6. Hover Scooter by Generic(291$)


One of the cost efficient models on our list. This model has an almost  range of 30km on a single charge,  weighs only 22 pounds and can travel at 15km/h. You can get one here

5. Smart Gear Hoverboard(680$)


This board has almost the same specs as no.6 but has better durability. Apart from durability, the LED lights featured on this board are much brighter than the previous one. You can get one here

4. Shensee Two Wheels Mini Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter Balance(315$)


This board has above average maximum speed of 20km/h. Having said that, the board charges relatively quickly as compared to others and is also water resistant. You can get one here

3. MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter(580$)


The best thing about this manufacturer is that they offer their product with a one year warranty. The board also changes direction fairly smoothly and as per customer reviews, it has very little maintenance. You can get one here

2. Wallygadgets Two Wheels Self Balance Smart Drifting Scooter (306$)


This board also has smart drifting technology just like our no.3. The scooter its self is a little heavy though at about 28-29lbs but as a result, the body is very durable. The purple lights in the front are also a cool feature. You can get one here

1. RioRand Smart Hoverboard(290$)


This is one of the most choices on the market and as well as the web. The board travels at a maximum speed of 20km/h and has a payload of little over 100kg. The board is easy to learn, so much so that a 77-year customer on amazon has claimed to master it. Additionally, the board has excellent durability and therefore, the best buy as per value. You can get one here