10 Insane DIY Projects From Around The World

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We all know we like to create things which we can impress the other ape with but we also know we don’t know jack squat about creating something as good as the things listed below. So keep on watching the post and be inspired and then watch some telly to wash off the affect. I’ll be off to play GTA online after this anyways but these projects are incredible, Feeling inspired :)…. where are my batteries for the controller!!

10. The Alien Tank

Top10 Amazing DIY Projects 10

The Alien Tank has been created by a Transformers fan and is a life size replica of robot tank from the series. The tank has been built in china and measures in at 4.5 meters when it comes to length and 2.5 meters when it comes to height. It weighs in at 5 tonnes and is a replica from the Revenge of the Fallen. It has been created from metal only.

9. A Racing Cockpit for driving games

Top10 Amazing DIY Projects 9

This guy came up with the best way to enjoy driving games to the fullest. It took him 7 months and an expenditure of $1650 to come up with the DIY project. The box has been made from plywood.

8. A huge monster truck sized bike for four

10 Insane DIY Projects From Around The World

This bike is the monster truck sized version for four people and is comparable to an SUV when it comes to size. It has been created by making use of normal bike, golf cart’s parts, patio chairs and a go-cart.

7. The Star Wars Triple bunk bed

Top10 Amazing DIY Projects7

Jonathan built a bunk bed for 3 while designing bunk beds as Imperial Walker from the Stars Wars movie. The project took him about 350 hours to design and execute.

6. Discover the ocean in your own submarine


If you can’t afford a personal submarine then you should do what this guy did. He created his own submarine over a course of 3 years. The submarine measures in at a length of 16 feet and is capable of diving down to 30 meters.

5. A Mini Monster Truck with Jet power

Top10 Amazing DIY Projects5

Dieter Strum is the guy responsible for creating this jet powered mini monster truck. The truck has an ATDI GS-100 Turbojet engine and is capable of producing 160 pounds of thrust.

4. A huge Optimus Prime statue

Top10 Amazing DIY Projects4

Hangzhou University apparently has a crush on Transformers; it collected different parts from cars and created an Optimus Prime – 35 feet tall.

3. An Unidentified Flying Object

Top10 Amazing DIY Projects3

A Chinese guy planned to create his own UFO and used bike parts to create it. It has been created by using 8 engines from motorcycles that provide power to the wooden propellers.

2. A Helicopter

Top10 Amazing DIY Projects2

This Chinese guy created his own helicopter with a unique design. The final cost of the project was $1,600 and as per the creator, it can fly up to the 2,600 feet. Government has, however, banned him from using it.

1. A Ride-able Roller Coaster

Top10 Amazing DIY Projects

Jeremy Reid from USA built a Track Star Coaster in his backyard. It took him a total of 4 years to complete it. He made use of 2,900 board feet of pine. It also made use of 7,000 nails and screws and the total cost of it was $10,000 while the Roller Coaster is capable of achieving 18mph.

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