10 Insanely Hilarious Inappropriate Toys Based on Movies

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 Inappropriate Toys Based on Movies

SreenRant has released a video that points out ten crazy toys and other consumer products that are ridiculously inappropriate and some of them are pretty damn funny. Some of the products on the list include the Jar-Jar Lollipop, RoboCop Board Game, Harry Potter Vibrating Broom, C-3PO Tape Dispenser, Buzz Lightyear Sippy Cup, and more.

Studios are constantly looking for ways to maximize the profits of a popular film property, and one of the most common routes they take is licensing tie-in merchandise. This allows fans to take a part of the movie home with them, even when it’s playing in theaters. While some items – like the ever-expanding collection of Star Wars action figures – are a no-brainer, not every piece of memorabilia is as great as it sounds on paper. Over the years, there have been some yebrow raising products that stirred up plenty of controversy, and once you watch this video, you’ll be able to understand why.


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