10 Must-Have Electronics For Melbourne Travellers

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Heading out of Melbourne this year? Here are 10 must-have electronics for your travels.


  1. Tablet

A tablet is essential for any traveler, due to its multi-functional capabilities. It’s the perfect device for keeping a record of your adventures through writing, photos, and videos, but there’s also a multitude of apps you can download to aid and entertain you on your travels.

Kindle Oasis Waterproof e-Reader 

  1. E-reader

With an E-reader to hand, you’ll be able to bring hundreds of texts with you without weighing down your luggage. So whether you like reading travel writing, classics or contemporary literature, it’s a handy item to have.

Konstruktor F DIY 35mm Camera Kit

  1. Camera 

You’re bound to see some incredible sights on your travels, and while phones are good for quick, spontaneous snaps, you’ll get far better-quality photos and videos on a digital camera. Not sure where to start? Adventure Junkies has reviewed the best cameras for travel in 2019 to help you out.

  1. Wireless headphones

By packing some headphones, you’ll be able to block out any unpleasant noise and this helps you to maintain a positive mindset throughout your travels. By opting for a wireless pair, you won’t have to worry about any of them getting tangled and damaged.

External hard drive 

  1. External hard drive 

A portable hard drive is a perfect place to store or back-up the many photos and videos that you take during your travels. It’s also a great place to store larger files like movies, which take up too much space on laptops and tablets.

Digital luggage scale

  1. Digital luggage scale

You never know what cool trinkets you might pick up on the course of your travels. To be sure they’re not pushing your luggage over the maximum weight allowance, get a small pair of digital luggage scales so that you can weigh your bags before you head to the airport.

Old iPods are selling for as much as $90,000

  1. iPod 

Save space on your phone for photos, videos, and travel apps by getting an iPod where you can store thousands of songs to keep you entertained during your flight and beyond. You can find more info about iPods on the Apple website.

ALL-Terrain Sound - Rugged Weatherproof Bluetooth Portable Speaker

  1. Bluetooth speaker 

With a Bluetooth speaker in your bag, you’ll be able to take music wherever you go. Connect your phone or tablet, blast out your favorite tunes and get in the groove.

 Android Wear Circle Smartwatch by LG

  1. SmartWatch 

A smartwatch makes the perfect travel assistant – instead of rummaging through your pockets or bag for your mobile, when want to check the weather forecast or send a message, simply look down at your wrist.

 Universal adapter

  1. Universal adapter

There’s no point in packing all these excellent electronics if you can’t keep them charged. So invest in a universal adapter that you can use time and time again, across a range of locations.


Traveling out of Melbourne 

You’ll have plenty of choice of places to fly to from Melbourne, so be bold and adventurous. And keep those electronics safe by avoiding cramped public transport and driving to the airport instead –book Melbourne airport parking on Looking4 and look forward to the getaway of a lifetime.

That’s our list! Share your favorite travel electronics in the comments section.

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