10 New Games for iOS That Won’t Let You Fall Asleep

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In the daily hectic, we sometimes want to escape from the routine and briefly plunge into the carefree world of games and entertainment. Today, one of the most accessible ways to get into the game world is through mobile applications for gadgets.

If you are a happy owner of a smartphone from Apple, then this small list will help you choose a game for the near future. We have examined lists in the Apple App Store and various reviews from tech blogs to give you the best list of games for iOS released in 2018-2019. In the list, you will find games of various genres, so you will definitely find one to enjoy.


1.Euclidean Skies

Release date: 5 Feb. 2019

Genre: Indie, Strategy, Adventure, Puzzle

In-app purchases: No

Euclidean Skies take the basis of Euclidean Lands and builds upon it with extended lands and floating buildings. You may be asked to change the scenery to destroy a giant skeleton of a monster or find out how to build a path from a switch to a certain door. The variety of puzzles won’t leave you indifferent.

The content is synchronized via iCloud, so you can continue playing the game on your iPad.


2. Durango: Wild Lands

Release date: 9 May 2019

Genre: RPG, Craft, Multiplayer

In-app purchases: Yes

Durango is an excellent survival simulator with open-world MMORPG elements.

Together with your main character, you will find yourself in a dangerous prehistoric world full of dinosaurs. According to the genre, the creators offer gamers an open world, with the opportunity to hunt, explore territories, engage in crafting, cooking food, and build various designs both alone and with other players. Get together with friends in the clans, and fight in the PvP arena.


3. Bendy and the Ink Machine

Release date: 21 Dec. 2018

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Indie

In-app purchases: No

Do you remember old black-and-white Disney cartoons? No matter the answer, here you will get into the story of the Ink world. This game is made up of a list of chapters and has an interesting story with the element of puzzles. You will play the game in the first person and have the ability to examine each detail of every location to solve puzzles.

Bendy and the Ink Machine has everything to make your evening: a twisted plot, noir graphics, great musical arrangement, and interesting characters.


4. Cyber Hunter

Release date: 23 April 2019

Genre: Shooter, Battle, Multiplayer

In-app purchases: Yes

This game is a great alternative to popular games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. The game will tell you about the main features and possibilities. For example, in Cyber Hunter you can improve your skills, use drones, get onto buildings, and even soar above the city. Also, you will find a huge map with various terrains and different types of weapons. Navigation is standard for mobile shooters with the auto-aim option.


5. Stickman Bike Battle

Release date: 3 May 2019

Genre: Simulator, Sports games, Multiplayer

In-app purchases: Yes

As the game title implies, it’s a bike racing simulator with multiplayer modes. Players run the Stickman, perform tricks, and undergo various roads. Your goal is simple – you need to go through the distance faster than the opponent (who is a real player, not a computer).

The game has both duels and standard rides with four participants. There are additional levels and even races with so-called bosses. For those who want to practice their skills, you can use the offline mode.


6. SpeedRunners: Online PVP

Release date: 28 Mar. 2019

Genre: Platformer, Multiplayer

In-app purchases: Yes

This is a dynamic multiplayer platformer, where four players compete to get to the finish line first. You need to run, jump, dodge obstacles, use a variety of weapons, and try not to get hit by other players.

To keep the leadership position, you have to memorize maps. It’s important to keep the speed, but the main thing in SpeedRunners is not to speed, but rhythm. When you feel it, remembering all the features of the level and memorizing your movements, the game will immediately open up from a new angle.


7. Monsters With Attitude 

Release date: 21 Mar. 2019

Genre: Action, Multiplayer

In-app purchases: Yes

This game is a multi-user real-time fighter. A group of monsters have gotten lost on their intergalactic trip and have found themselves on our Earth. In Monsters With Attitude, you will literally demolish forests and entire cities. Choose your favorite monster and fight with other players from around the world in a free fight! Crash everything on the arena to grow your character. The more you crash, the bigger your character will be, and the more chances you have to win the fight.


8. Mobile Royale: Kingdom Defense

Release date: 17 Jan. 2019

Genre: Strategy, Multiplayer

In-app purchases: Yes

Mobile Royale is an MMO strategy that follows the classical styles of the genre. You will build a city, develop trade routes, unite in alliances, and fight. On the battlefield, your army will be led by heroes with unique abilities, and if they do not cope with their opponents, the dragon will help them.

Along with a classical strategy, you can choose a campaign. There are more than 50 missions where you need to fight an army of enemies. These battles are the best part of the game, as they involve hundreds of units, and this creates a marvelous picture.




Release date: 7 Mar. 2018

Genre: Indie, Adventure, Humor

In-app purchases: No

If you are a fan of Machinarium, Samorost, or Botanicula – this game is for you. Here you need to help the main hero, Chuchel, to defeat his opponent, Kekel. You will need to get past many trials and puzzles to get to the cherry.

The game is perfect for all ages, and even for those who have never played games. It’s impossible to get stuck in one place, as the game will tell you what to do in an ironic manner. You won’t get bored!


10. Meteorfall: Journey

Release date: 24 Jan. 2018

Genre: Card, Strategy, Turn-Based

In-app purchases: No

Meteorfall is a great adventure game that is comfortable to play on mobile devices. The game is about a fantasy world hidden in a card deck. You can choose from four characters: warrior, thief, magician, and cleric. You make decisions like in Tinder, swiping left or right. For example, you can kill the monster or save energy for the next step, or decide whether to visit the blacksmith to improve your weapon.

Meteorfall Journey is one of those card games that will keep you coming back: it has a nice design, interesting and simple gameplay, a variety of enemies, and even a bit of freedom of action.

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