10 Smart Gadgets For Your Smart Home

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Don’t miss what you’re missing at home with simplicam powered by Closeli. This intelligent home monitoring Wi-Fi video solution features motion and sound notifications that get sent straight to your smartphone, so you always know when something’s up. With the Closeli mobile app, it’s easy to view live streaming HD video on the go using your mobile device, or on the web via Mac or PC. Setup is super easy, too.


Delivering pictures of flawless clarity, the VIZIO P-Series ultra HD smart TV introduces a whole new perspective of home entertainment never seen before. Apart from the classy picture quality, the processing power and the ability to upscale current 1080p content to 4K Ultra HD resolution is what can make this smart TV an impressive replacement for your current home entertainment solution.


Here comes a striking robotic vacuum cleaner in the form of the KOBOLD VR200 + VT270 GLOSS PURE SET which is made to maintain cleanliness around the house without requiring much of your effort. From deep cleaning your carpets to the hard floors, this vacuum cleaner makes your task of keeping your indoors clean and tidy a breeze. With this in hand, you can easily undergo a thorough clean up of your upholstery with minimum energy consumption and high suction capacities.


Have your perfect cup of coffee with a touch of the flavor found in professional cafés on this ergonomicDe’Longhi Magnifica S Compact Automatic Espresso Machine. It not only grind beans instantly but also prepares lattés and cappuccino with the frother system. That makes your brewed coffee taste just like the way you’d want it to making your coffee mornings more energetic and powered up.


Home automation and entertainment now lies under the power of one remote control with the introduction of the Harmony Ultimate Home. From controlling devices such as Nest, Lutron®, August, pēq to setting the mood for date night, the 2.4” vibrant touchscreen is there to make the whole process simple and extremely convenient. The advanced design enables you to fast-track your channel surfing process or controlling all those home automation devices you have indoors a breeze.


The Zen Thermostat is an intuitive and simple design in the world of home automation which wants to make this industry blend more perfectly with your home decor. Zen has a simple LED screen that provides feedback in a convenient way and fades away when not in use. You can switch between heating, cooling, and controlling the fan by using the left and right arrow keys whereas the up and down keys help in setting the temperature. It’s got a charismatic charm in the look and feels which is what makes it a smart home accessory that will fit with you indoor lifestyle in a fantastic way.


Stay fit and healthy with a truly balanced meal using the Prep Pad that brings the benefits of digital connection between you and your food. It’s a smart food scale which once paired with the corresponding CounterTop App, can give you beautiful visualizations of Protein, Carbs, Fats, and more present in your daily diet. It has been wonderfully carved out of a single piece of aluminum that can hold up to 15 lbs.


Ease yourself from taking good care of your garden and save on water usage with Skydrop Sprinkler Controller. By using hyper-local weather data and real-time precipitation, humidity, temperature, wind, solar radiation, slope, and soil condition, this controller will water your plants only when they are in need of it. You can comfortably monitor it from your smartphone or computer and get notified of your lawn’s health status throughout the day.


Make your milk jug lying in the fridge a bit more techy by replacing it with this intelligently constructed product called The Milkmaid from Quirky. By incorporating a set of pH and temperature sensors, this milk jug can give you smart notifications on your phone when your milk goes bad or when the stock’s coming to an end.


World’s first butter/condiment spreader that heats up without batteries nor electricity. The super-efficient conductor inside the spreader absorbs heat from your hand to help spread butter and other condiments. Now on Kickstarter!


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