10 Things To Know Before Starting The Outer Worlds

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The Outer Worlds is hard to grasp without these tips at the start of the game even if you’re an RPG expert and love games like Fallout New Vegas it’s inspired by. Obsidian’s hotly-anticipated game is deep, complex, detailed space opera with many planets to visit, but with our first Outer Worlds tips, you can get off to a swift start. Here are all of the best The Outer Worlds tips you need to know before start the game.

1. Play on Hard mode as the Default is Too Easy

When choosing a difficulty level before starting the game, Medium is defined as “how The Outer Worlds was intended to be played”. The difficulty with that, however, is that Medium is astonishingly easy. If you’ve ever played a first-person shooter in your life, combat on Medium is a walk in the park. Put the Hard mode on if you want any sort of challenge in your life, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, go for Supernova which indicates your companions the wrath, you need to eat and drink to stay alive, you get the idea where we are going with this.


2. Turn Off Helmets in the Settings

This one depends on personal preference, but in the settings, it’s available to turn off both player and companion helmets. This is just an aesthetic choice and doesn’t affect the stats given by helmets themselves, but this is a nice quality of life improvement. Now you can see your gorgeous custom face and all of your companions instead of looking at the helmets.


3. Spend Time in Dialog and Stealth Skills

If you want to do a lethal, chaotic game where you kill almost everything that breathes or not, I’d highly recommend spending points into all of the skills under Dialog and Stealth. There are various stat checks throughout the game, and there’s nothing bad than being locked out of dialogue options or network terminals simply because you don’t have sufficient skill points.

The Outer Worlds

4. Learn to Dodge!

In battle, you have the capability to dodge. You just have to jump, then press jump again while running a specific direction. It’s a necessary skill, but I found myself forgetting that it was possible, and it can be very useful when your companions have been hit and you’re taking on a few enemies all by yourself.


5. Finish Quests in Each Town Before Exploring Outside

There are two main planets in The Outer Worlds; Terra-2 and Monarch. Both have many towns to explore, with many named NPCs to talk to and get missions from. Quite a few of the quests you’ll get don’t actually need you to venture out of the town boundaries and rather just want you to talk to characters as a mediator and fix conflicts. I’d recommend finishing any quests that take place only in the town before leaving because you can get high XP and explore everywhere fully.


6. Steal Everything When No One is Looking

If you remember in Fallout stealing can have negative consequences, but in this game, you’re free to steal whatever you want in The Outer Worlds, as long as no one has a direct line of sight. If someone does see you stealing, you’ll quickly be in hot water, but if you’re in a place by yourself, rob it!


7. Remember to use companion abilities

Along with giving extra firepower in fighting situations, each companion also has a special ability you can utilize which deals with major damage. These regenerate reasonably quickly, especially if you spend in the right perks and stats, so make sure you’re using them regularly.


8. Check the Weapon Level on Any New Gun You Take

When you get up a new gun, there’s no way of knowing how valuable it will be until you examine it in your inventory. Since all weapons have a basic name like “Assault Rifle” or “Light Machine Gun”, the most reliable way to see how valuable a new gun will be is to check out both the DPS and level of the gun.


9. Adjust Companion Behaviours

If you move all the way to the right when seeing at your companions’ inventories, you’ll see all of their stats, skills, perks, and behaviors. You can change these to suit your gaming style and the things you give them. For example if you have a companion with a powerful shotgun, you’re going to want them to play offensive and up close, but if they’ve got a hunting rifle, tell them to stay back and only use ranged weapons.


10. Use Your Credits on Tinkering Your Favorite Weapons

At the workbench, you can use credits on tweaking. This significantly increases the base damage for that particular weapon, so you can hang on to your favorite weapons and keep on buffing them up. Don’t be afraid to discard them down the line if you find something cool and on a higher level, good things keep rolling in.


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