10 Things You Can Do In GTA 5 With Mods

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Even though it’s almost 10 years since GTA 5 was released, the critically-acclaimed video game is still played by thousands of gamers from around the world every day. Because of that, the game has gained support from a community of not just players but hundreds of mod creators. They devote their time to improving and modifying the game.

These mods bring more detail into the game and make it completely different from the original gaming experience created by Rockstar. You can also buy a GTA 5 moded account which can give you a good start, especially when playing the online version.

This article will discuss the different things you can do with mods in GTA 5. So, read on.


1. Improve Graphics

Despite being nearly ten years old, GTA 5 is still one of the best games in graphical experience. It can still hold its own visually against newer games released today. But if you want to see something different and make Los Santos look even better, you should use graphic mods.

Graphic mods are what make the game look visually up to par with the newest triple-A games released today. They bring graphical changes to the game that completely overhaul its graphics to make it look better and more improved than the original.

Thanks to hundreds of graphic mods available out there, you can change your GTA 5 gaming experience by bringing in updated textures, new visual aesthetics, and other graphical overhauls to make the game look more realistic.


2. Modify Game Attributes

Modifying game attributes or stats are supposed to be the first intended use of mods. Game attributes are vital cogs that can impact your overall gaming experience and how the game runs. These mods are often called trainers, and they allow you to modify the stats of your character, adjust the game’s running speed, give you more money, and many other things.

With these, you can make your character stronger, faster, or tougher than it was. You can even customize the abilities and max out all the skills simultaneously of your character. These mods are helpful for many gamers out there because their installation and further use allow them to finish the game quickly. You can complete missions faster and prevent your character from frequently dying while in the game. It also allows you to achieve 100% game completion in a hassle-free way.

But be reminded that using a mod while playing GTA 5 Online is strictly prohibited and may result in a ban.


3. Get Unlimited Cash

Money is everything when you play GTA 5. Unfortunately, getting money in the game is very hard if you play the online version. Earning money, even in the single-player version, is also not the easiest thing to do. You have to spend a lot of time in the game to get a generous amount of money.

Luckily, mods can help. They allow you to get unlimited cash at the start of the game. More cash can allow you to buy more weapons, vehicles, properties, etc. There is also another way of getting a ton of money at the start, and that is by buying a GTA 5 modded account. Each account comes with a starting money that ranges from USD$100 million to USD$2.5 billion.

As convenient as it can be to have a boatload of money when you play GTA Online, you may risk getting banned once caught. So, you still have to be careful when using mods.


4. Open Doors To Some Buildings And Establishments

If exploring the city of Los Santos is something that you like, then there’s a mod that you’ll surely love. In the standard game, you can only enter a few buildings in Los Santos, such as strip clubs, car dealerships, gun stores, clothing stores, and barbershops, while the rest are closed with no possible entry points.

The ‘Open All Interiors mod allows you to open up pretty much every interior in the game that was inaccessible from the standard version. It opens up the interior and door functionality of the large buildings, including the FIB, while maintaining the same visuals and graphics.

Even though there are not many amazing secrets to be found inside these buildings, they make exploring the city of Los Santos even more immersive. Additionally, you can use them as a perfect hideout for escaping from the cops chasing you.


5. Become An NPC

There’s a mod that allows you to turn into an NPC (non-playable character) in the game. With Character Menu, you can transform yourself into an NPC and even change your clothing and other features. You can also duplicate or customize any NPC you see if you don’t want to transform into one yourself.

The mod comes with over 500 different kinds of NPC to choose from. However, only 350 of them are customizable. Also, other NPC models allow you to access shops or loot money.


6. Make Los Santos Chaotic

If you’re imagining a chaotic world where everyone automatically shoots when they get angry, you can make it possible using a GTA 5 mod.

Ped Riot is a mod that changes the behavior of NPCs and makes them more aggressive. Instead of shouting at you for bumping into them, they will automatically shoot you. They will shoot at anyone who harasses them, even cops! Every NPC will be equipped with a weapon and take the law into their hands, making Los Santos a war zone!


7. Do Trucking Missions

If you want to do something different and take a break from the hustle and bustle of Los Santos city, then there’s a mod for you. Los Santos is quite chaotic, and it’s hard to find peace there. Fortunately, you can find some relief if you try to haul a load along the highways of Blaine County or wherever your trucking contract may lead you.

The Trucking Missions mod allows you to establish a trucking company based in the west of Sandy Shores. Aside from giving you an escape from the thralls of Los Santos, it can also serve as a good source of extra cash.


8. Make Vehicles Fly

Decades ago, we were promised flying cars. Although they do not yet exist, you can get them when you play GTA 5 using a mod. With the Vehicles Jetpack mod, all vehicles will be equipped with a jetpack.

You can launch any vehicle over buildings and make it fly, making navigation in the city easier. With this mod, you no longer need to find a helicopter or planes, which are complicated to acquire if you want to roam the whole map through the air.


9. Add Manual Transmission To Vehicles

Simple is the best word you can use to describe the driving mechanics of GTA 5. The driving experience in the game was optimized to achieve the best combination of simplicity, realism, and entertainment – to allow its users to have a smooth driving experience in the game.

Players have always complained about the driving mechanics of GTA games. But Rockstar has always insisted on making the experience easier and simpler for all gamers. That is why they opted for automatic transmission for all types of vehicles in the game.

But if you don’t like automatic transmission and embrace realism, you can install a mod that allows manual transmission in GTA 5. Aside from customizing car transmissions, the mod also comes with realistic features based on racing games.


10. Add Gore

GTA 5 is always known for being one of the most violent video games ever made. You can do whatever you want with the NPCs inside the game. For instance, you can wreak havoc in Los Santos with no holds barred. You can also shoot people with guns, hit and run NPCs, fire missiles from a jet plane, or blast people using a tank.

However, there’s still something missing in the game, and that is the absolute gore that comes with shooting down pedestrians using a shotgun or mowing down them using a vehicle. The Dismemberment/Gore mod changes the default gore system of the game and takes it to the next level. It copies the gore mechanics of Red Dead Redemption and previous installments of GTA to dismember body parts of pedestrians. It even adds a screaming sound when pedestrians get dismembered to make it more realistic.

It’s one of the most violent graphics mods available, so we recommend installing this mod if you think you have the stomach for it!

GTA 5 mods allow gamers to improve their gameplay and customize different aspects of the game. Mods were developed to enhance the gaming experience and fix any flaws or bugs in the game. They also offer new ways to enjoy the game that was impossible to do from the vanilla version. These are just a few of the many things you can do when using mods in GTA 5. There are plenty of GTA 5 mods available on the internet that will surely keep you entertained.

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