$100 “Active Gaming” Sock From Puma

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puma gaming sock

Meet Puma Active Gaming Footwear sock, a crazy example of capitalism that you can wear on your feet. That extravagance costs about $100 and you can buy it from Puma store though they aren’t available to buy in the USA, where we value our rugged foot freedom. These monuments to excess guarantee a “knitted upper” for comfort and breathability, a “low rubber outsole for grip,” and a custom fit. All of these features imply Puma believes video gaming requires a lot of athletic foot movement, so we’re not completely sure what they think gaming actually is.

It also features three “modes,” by which they mean features. Those include a medial wrap-up grip (“SEEK mode”), lateral wrap-up support (“ATTACK mode”), and heel wrap-up stability (“CRUISE and DEFENSE mode”). So basically, these are just different weaves to support different foot parts.

If you live in the UK or Australia, you can order the socks now with free express shipping.

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