$100,000 Worth Of Magic Cards Dumped In Landfill

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Magic Cards

Over the weekend, a Reddit user with the username LATIN0 shared some interesting pictures on the internet of something they came across while at the dump. They had discovered a collection of Magic: The Gathering cards in boxes that were in excellent condition. The post started gaining traction, and soon after, it went viral, receiving tens of thousands of upvotes. Websites started reporting on it, and YouTube conspiracy videos surfaced, trying to unravel the mystery behind the discovery.

Many people were curious about what was in the boxes and how many cards were present. Estimates of their worth ranged from $100,000 all the way up to $250,000, depending on what valuable cards were inside. However, the questions surrounding the discovery will forever remain unanswered because the boxes were destroyed soon after the pictures were posted.

It was later revealed that the boxes contained sets like Unfinity and Modern Horizons II. Unfortunately, the cards were damaged beyond repair, buried under layers of trash in the landfill. Despite this, LATIN0 expressed a bit of regret, wishing they had known the cards’ value when they posted the pictures.

The incident has left many Magic fans and collectors heartbroken, mourning the loss of potentially valuable cards. However, it is not uncommon for freight companies to dispose of unclaimed or unpaid items in the landfill. It is also a reminder that sometimes things of value can be lost, destroyed or thrown away unknowingly.

If you are interested, there are videos available online that show the magnitude of the destruction, but be warned that it can be a heartbreaking sight for Magic fans. Ultimately, LATIN0 has decided to move on from the incident, keeping the few cards they managed to salvage as a reminder of a missed opportunity.

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