100s of Slots with War Themes

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Online casinos feature hundreds of slots plus large numbers of other casino games.  Some, like Thunderbolt online casino, carry slots that are essentially just a lot of fun to play.  Others carry more portentous slots.  One theme that enjoys a lot of popularity is war themed slots.  So, here we’ll review a few such slots.  We’ll choose slots from different developers to show the range of online games available for free play or for real money gaming.

One thing we prefer in slots is that the game have only symbols that pertain to the theme rather than a few symbols like that and then 10 to Ace.

Red Cliff

This war themed slot, created by EvoPlay, pays homage to ancient Chinese culture as well as the warrior nature of Chinese men in the Middle Ages.  It features warriors plus a cup of tea, a bird, ancient Chinese pottery, and non-warrior characters.

In all, Red Cliff has twelve unique symbols.  The sword protects you and you can accumulate swords for greater protection.


This game has a Norse theme and was developed by Fugaso.  It also prominently features shields and frightening weapons of war such as a sword, a knife, a bow and arrow, and a hatchet-like weapon.  In addition to the shields and weapons it features a ship and a horned helmet.

The ship is the scatter symbol and the very youthful warrior is the wild symbol.

Viking Clash

This game was produced by Push Gaming.  It has a war-like theme but is far more tongue in cheek than most other such slots.  The characters are drawn almost as cartoon characters rather than as real-life people and symbols.  There are five so-called warriors with various lengths and types of facial hair plus a young woman, a sword, a hammer that looks too heavy for even the strongest man to wield as a weapon, and three stones, not gems, but the type of stones that William Wallace threw at his friend in Braveheart.

The golden shield is the basic wild symbol and the golden ship is another wild symbol but it appears only in the Wild Ship feature.

Real Baron and Bomber Girls

Both of these games are from the famous development house of Microgaming.  Real Baron is a World War I slot with many symbols emblematic of the war in the air during that great battle that changed warfare forever while Bomber Girls is about the role of women in wartime.

Bomber Girls is a bit sexist by today’s standards as it does feature buxom pilots but at least it shows how important skill, rather than gender, is in wartime.

Bombs Away

This slot comes by way of Amigotechs.  It is similar to the slots from Microgaming but is far more devoted to showing modern weapons of war and is far less sexist in how it portrays the women in the game.  The women are shown as true airmen, so to speak.

Star Slots

This game is a space-based war themed slot with characters straight out of the creative imagination at Arrow’s Edge.  It features all kinds of space-age fighter bombers and strange looking “soldiers”.  The hero is, of course, the All American boy with a strong chin and no stubble on his face despite his being involved in a war at space.

It falls in with the more fantastical war-themed slots.

Pacific Victory

If you like jingoistic American games this slot, from Proprietary, is perfect.  It features some of the symbols of the American victory in the Pacific arena during World War II without any of the gore and horror of the fight there.

Dynasty Warlord

This is a very dark slot from BBIN Technologies.  It has an old Chinese theme and very dark characters.  Nevertheless, it has a very loyal following of players who like it specifically because it shows the dark side of war so starkly.

Top Gun

This game, from Bwin Party, is very loosely based on the Top Gun movie.  It has a radar symbol that we don’t normally see in slots and other well-drawn symbols that speak to war without the gore.

Full Metal

This game was developed by DBG.  It seems to embody both robot-like characters with heavy metal weapons of war such as tanks and airplanes.  As such, it seems to not be fully sure what type of game it purports to be.

About War

We all are aware that war is a very serious subject.  People are devastated in wartime.  Even the survivors suffer greatly.  Yet, we play all manner of games based on war-like themes.  We ought to take some time to reflect on our predilection for war themes in the games we play.

Having said that, we also think that games are games.  They are supposed to be fun and entertaining and pass the time.  So, if you choose to play a game with a war theme, whether a regular digital game or a slots game, try to balance it out with something lighter.



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