11 Gadgets To Go With Your LG G5

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 LG G5 accessories

 You’ve got an LG G5? The one with a secondary wide angle lens and swanky removable battery slot that supports all sorts of wonderous modules? While the G5 is a stellar smartphone however, you could make it even better if you shower it with some of the amazing gadgets we featured here.


LG HI-FI PLUS (£150)

LG G5 accessories

If the words ‘32-bit Hi-Fi quality DAC and amp” get you hot and sweaty under the collar then boy, do we have the accessory for you. This Bang & Olufsen-tuned module improves on the G5’s already impressive audio performance, blessing it with clean, detailed sound, and a wider sense of space. It can take hi-res audio files up to 32-bit/384kHz, but you won’t need that to hear a difference. With this attached, you can proudly say that you’ve got the best-sounding smartphone in the world.



LG 360 CAM (£200)

LG G5 accessories

If you’re the type to surf down the side of an active volcano while juggling short-tempered black mambas then congratulations – you’re clinically insane. Seeing as you’ve gone to all that trouble though, a simple selfie or smartphone video won’t really do any justice to your death-defying adventures. Recording it all in a glorious 360-degree 2K video though, is a whole different story, and the dual-lens LG 360 cam will let you do just that. Fully compatible with YouTube 360 video, you’ll become a (bruised and battered) legend in no time.




Bose’s tiny speaker is an ideal companion for your G5 when its in-built speakers aren’t up to the task of filling a room. It’s built like a tank, with a handsome design that nicely compliments the aluminium chassis of the G5. It sounds great for its size too, with clear highs and surprisingly bassy lows, while a nifty charging dock keeps the tunes going after its 10 hour battery life is depleted.


LG G5 accessories

LG’s official case covers both the front and back of your precious handset, protecting it from the bumps, scrapes, and drops that life often unfairly throws at your gadgets. The front has a cutout window which provides quick access to the time and notifications, and the entire front panel is perforated too, letting you answer or reject calls through the case itself, saving you from having to flip it open.




LG G5 accessories

If you regularly have to worry about topping up your surfboard wax supply or own a knife specifically designed to fend off sharks, then this is definitely the case for you. Covering your G5 in head to toe, it lets you fully submerge it in 2 meters of water for up to an hour. It’s also sealed from dirt and dust and will cradle your handset safely if you drop it from a height of up to two meters. It’s pricey, but worth it if you want to snap some underwater shots with that wide-angle lens.


LG Rolly Keyboard (£50)

LG G5 accessories

Is it a self-defense baton? A giant cubic straw? A really, really badly designed rolling pin? Nope. It’s a keyboard. A rollable keyboard, if the name and picture weren’t already blindingly obvious. While on-screen keyboards have come a long way, nothing beats the good old clickety-clack of a physical keyboard, and if you’re the type that has to edit spreadsheets and documents on the fly, then this could very well be your savior.



LG G Watch Urbane (£175)

LG G5 accessories

What better smartwatch to match your G5 handset and tattoo than LG’s very own G Watch Urbane? Unlike Motorola’s offerings, it has a fully circular display, with no pesky cutout at the bottom. Running Android Wear, it’ll beam notifications, music controls, directions and more, straight to your wrist, as well as count your steps, calories burned and heart rate, logging everything into Google Fit. With 1.5-2 days of battery life , you won’t have to worry about charging it every few hours either.


LG HBS-900 Tone Infinim Headphones (£84)

LG G5 accessories

Wires on your headphones? What are you, a square? Who wants cables caught up, tangled and twisted? Not us. These wireless headphones from LG wrap around your neck with retractable buds and serve up the convenience of playback and volume controls, while letting you answer calls and natter away too. The newer HBS-1100 model has a sleeker design with 24-bit Hi-Fi sound, but can currently only be bought in the States, or ordered on eBay for around £160.


LG G5 battery and Charging Cradle (£32)

LG G5 accessories

One of the G5’s key selling points is its removable battery, which sets it apart from most of the competition. There’s not much point having it if you don’t have a spare though, and this one handily comes with a charging cradle which lets you charge it independently. If you don’t fancy swapping it out, then you can simply use it as a regular cable charger if you’re in a rush. Win/win.



Orzly tempered glass screen protector (£9)

LG G5 accessories

The LG G5’s screen might be scratch-resistant, but it’s certainly not pavement-proof. This flexible tempered glass screen protector is only 0.24mm thin, and because it’s real glass, it won’t distort the screen in any way. Not only that, but it feels better, as it’s coated in a slick fingerprint-resistant coating. Throw in 9H hardness (which makes it impervious to anything bar a diamond, and you’ve got yourself a must-buy accessory if you ask us. It’ll still crack if you have a nasty drop mind, but the screen beneath should remain intact.



Withings Activité Steel (£140)

LG G5 accessories

If you like your watches a little less smart, then Withing’s wrist-hugger is a pretty handsome compromise which matches the G5’s metal build. It has a traditional mechanical watch face and runs on a regular pill battery, which means it’ll last an impressive eight months. It can still track your steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep too, all of which can be monitored with an accompanying app, while your daily goal is displayed on a secondary dial on the watch face itself.


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