11 Tips for the Ultimate Gaming Set Up [For PC, Xbox, and PlayStation]

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Gaming Set Up

Whether you’re a PC game pro, Xbox legend, or PlayStation superstar, there’s one thing that all of us gamers have in common, we love a good gaming setup.

In this guide, we’ll share some tried and tested tips that will help you set up the perfect gaming area at home.


1. Start with a Comfy Gaming Chair

Choosing a chair that’s both comfortable and provides the right level of support for your back is critical. For PC gaming, you’ll want an ergonomic chair with an upright back and adequate foam padding.

If you’re using a games console such as Xbox or PlayStation, then you’ll want a dedicated gaming chair with a slightly more laid back posture. Look out for chairs that have built-in vibrations or speakers for an immersive experience. You can choose a bean bag but ensure it has a rigid structure else you’ll suffer from bad posture.


2. Choose a projector for immersion or a TV/monitor for latency

Let’s be honest, having a projector as part of your gaming set up is pretty cool, it’s like gaming in the cinema, but keep in mind the downsides of this compared to a TV.

A projector offers a much larger screen size than most TV’s which leads to a highly immersive experience. These days, projectors can achieve high resolutions even up to 4k, just make sure the bulb is bright enough (measured in lumens) if you’ll be gaming in the day.

However, keep in mind that the latency of a projector is much slower than a TV or monitor. If you’re a regular for gaming online where speed is key (especially first-person shooter games), then you’ll want to use a TV or monitor, look for refresh rate as a key indicator of latency.

A regular screen will have a 60hz refresh rate, but for gaming, you should look for between 75-120hz. If your screen has a variable refresh rate (VRR) this is even better as it prevents screen tearing.


3. Lighting is key

Now that we’ve got the seating and the monitor sorted, it’s time to create the ambiance with some good lighting. Here are our top recommended lights for a gaming setup:

Nanoleaf Canvas – Although slightly expensive, Nanoleaf lights are worthwhile thanks to their unique shapes and the ability to sync your gaming monitor to the lights. These are often used by professional gamers and Youtubers.

Philips Hue Play Bar – A slightly cheaper option than Nanoleaf is a Hue Play Bar. These are designed to be placed behind your TV or monitor and will fill your wall with color. They can also be synced via the built-in microphone.

LED Strip Lights – Our final recommendation is a smart LED strip light. This can be taped to the back of your monitor to give an ambient glow. By choosing a smart light strip such as Govee you’ll be able to control it with just your voice.

Also, we love a few novelty lights for extra effect. Something like a lava lamp or Pac-Man-shaped light can add another layer to your setup. If you opted for Nanoleaf, you can get some third party Nanoleaf apps to add fun custom effects and impress your friends.


4. Don’t skimp on a good controller/keyboard

Now, let’s be honest, we all have our favorite style of input devices (rooting for the Xbox controller over here), but no matter which device you’re using, don’t underestimate the impact of splashing out on an ergonomic controller.

For Xbox gamers, the Xbox Elite Controller was developed by Microsoft for professional gamers and is a worthy upgrade. It’s more comfortable to hold and has interchangeable buttons so you can customize it to suit your style and each game.

If you’re a PC gamer, you have a lot more choices. There are three main styles of the keyboard: full-size, TKL, or 60 percent. It’s worth researching each of these before making a decision. Logitech is a great brand to look at when it comes to gaming mice and keyboards.

Gaming Set Up

5. It’s not a case of ‘any desk will do’

This one will appeal more to the PC gamers among us. Consider the shape of the desk and how much space it gives you, an L shape desk offers an additional side area compared to a straight desk.

Check for an adjustable height, if this isn’t possible, evaluate whether the fixed height is suitable for you. This is where buying in person is more advantageous than buying online, see if you can pop to a local store to try it out.


6. Opt for a 2.1 sound system with a subwoofer

That leads us on nicely to the sound set up. Don’t underestimate the impact of having a good sound system, especially if you play without any headphones. There’s nothing better than the rumbling of explosions as you play a first-person shooter.

It’s best to go for a 2.1 sound system, this consists of a left and right speaker with a big old subwoofer to pump out the bass.

There’s no need to worry about gimmicks like Bluetooth or voice control for your gaming speakers, focus on getting a good power level (in watts) for crisp output.


7. Know your gaming headphones from your gaming headsets

To the amateur, gaming headphones and a gaming headset might seem like the same thing, but that’s where you’d be wrong.

  • Gaming headphones are like regular headphones with a separate mic. The benefit of this is that you can mix and match the latest equipment and you’ll be able to get much better sound quality from your headphones.
  • Conversely, a gaming headset is an all-in-one solution that has both headphones and a mic. These are usually much slimmer and cheaper than the previous option, but with inferior audio quality.

If you plan on receiving all your audio through the device, then headphones will be worth the investment. However, if you’re only using it for chatting to friends or teammates, then an all-in-one gaming headset will be fine.


8. Always use a wired connection

Assuming that your gaming setup will be a permanent fixture in your home, it’s worth considering the extra effort to connect your PC or games console to your router via a wired connection.

A wired connection via ethernet cable will give you the best and most stable internet connection whereas WiFi can be disrupted by walls, floors, and other devices on the network that interferes with the bandwidth.

By hooking up straight to your router, you’ll minimize any lag, although then you might not have anything to blame when you lose.


9. Keep your space organized

With all those wires around, things can quickly get messy so maintaining some sort of order is essential. Pick up a few cable tidies to keep everything neatly tied together.

We can also highly recommend a holder for your headset and controllers. Even better, you can replace your controller battery with a rechargeable battery pack and get a stand that recharges your controllers whilst you’re not playing.


10. Get your fans in order

Now it’s on to the fans. But we’re not talking about the kind of fans that watch your live streams, we’re talking about actual fans that shower you with cool air.

Good ventilation is key to any gaming setup, after all, you don’t want your devices to overheat. That’s why you should invest in some good fans such as the Vornado 6303DC Air Circulator that will keep you cool while you play.


11. Add some posters for a personal touch

Of course, you’re going to want to get some gaming posters in your games room. This is your chance to personalize your area with wall art or memorabilia from your favorite video games.

You could even go as far as getting some personalized models or accessories if you want to go full gaming nerd.

We hope this has been a useful guide to creating the perfect gaming setup.

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