12 Things You Should Know About Apple iOS 11

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 Apple iOS 11

After much anticipation, Apple has finally released the new iOS 11. This update comes with the most anticipated features such as a more communicative voice for Siri, new emoji, map updates, applications with augmented reality, and shared Wi-Fi among others. iOS 11 also features specific functions for the iPhone X, including animated emoji, or animoji.

How to update to iOS 11

  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update and refresh your iPhone from there.
  • You can also connect your iPad or iPhone to a Mac or PC with iTunes and upgrade from there.

Updates in the iOS 11

  1. Control center

The control center has been redesigned and can display on one page, with better depth on a 3D slider. You can also customize the quick shortcuts you want to be displayed in the control center.

  1. Siri

Siri now has a new American voice which is more expressive, in both the female and male outline, thanks to the new visual feature. Siri can now translate English into German, Italian, Chinese, French, and Spanish, with additional languages coming soon.

  1. Emoji and animoji for iPhone X

iOS 11 features new emoji for the iPhone X. iOS 11 also allows users to build newly animated emoji or animoji.

  1. Multitasking

You can now easily multitask on your iPad with the new iOS 11. You can open two apps from the dock and view both of them in split view as well as a slide over. You can go back to your preferred app spaces in the new app switcher.

  1. Updated camera

Apple has added High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), which offers more proficient compression. The new iPortrait mode has True Tone flash, optical image stabilization, and HDR features, which make every shot look professional. There are loop and bounce effects that produce continuous video loops for live photos, while prolonged exposure artistically captures movement and time.

  1. Updated Apple Music

With iOS 11, you can find out what your friends are listening to from the updated music app. For users who are not so keen on strangers seeing what they are listening to, they can choose whether their profile is private or public.

  1. A redesigned App store

Apple has redesigned the App Store in the new iOS 11. There is a new tab, called ‘Today’ that will display apps and stories from developers daily. A ‘Games’ tab will display all you need to know about games, in-app purchases, new levels, and upgrades.

  1. Shared Wi-Fi

With the iOS 11, looking for your Wi-Fi password to share with a friend is now an outdated thing. Apple has introduced a new shared Wi-Fi aspect where users can send their router’s password to their friend’s handset. The devices should be close to each other and unlocked to connect to the shared Wi-Fi.

  1. Augmented reality

Apple’s augmented reality feature uses the camera to detect a level surface such as a table or floor to place the virtual objects. With a blend of machine learning and data from the camera, it continuously adjusts the image so that the virtual object appears steady without any ‘jitters’.

  1. New Dock

The new dock is a huge step forward for the iPad. The dock is now accessible on any screen. So with a single swipe, you can switch and open applications in the blink of an eye. You can also customize it with your favorites. Apps that you have recently opened and apps that are open on your iPhone display on the right side of the dock.

  1. Files app

Apple has unveiled a brand new ‘Files’ application to iPad and iPhone in the updated OS. The app gives users access to all their documents, even those that are stored in the iCloud drive, or with other storage companies, such as Dropbox in one place.

  1. Map updates, and a ‘do not disturb while driving mode.’

The updated Apple Maps includes floor plans of malls and airports, which ensures that users can prepare for their expeditions. In iOS 11, Apple has also launched a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode that automatically blocks pop-up notifications whenever it senses that the user is in the car.


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