15 Best Mods Coming Out With Skyrim Anniversary Edition

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Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is a special release that commemorates the ten-year anniversary of one of the most beloved and acclaimed RPGs ever made. It also pays homage to the thriving modding community that has continuously contributed to the game’s longevity and creativity. Bethesda, the developer of Skyrim, collaborated with various mod creators to bring 26 new additions to the Anniversary Edition, offering both familiar callbacks to previous Elder Scrolls games and fresh experiences that reshape the world of Skyrim.

Released on November 11, 2021, the Anniversary Edition includes all the content available in the Skyrim Special Edition Creation Club. Moreover, it introduces a range of original mods that enhance the player’s immersion and offer new gameplay opportunities.

One noteworthy addition is the “Rare Curios” creation, which presents players with a diverse selection of unique items and ingredients. Khajiit merchants scattered throughout Skyrim now offer these rare curiosities, sourced from various regions of Tamriel. These ingredients possess distinct traits that alchemists can utilize to craft incredibly potent potions. Additionally, the mod introduces “Poisoned Apples” from Oblivion, which players can discreetly place in NPC pockets to administer a long-lasting damage health effect.

Another remarkable creation is “Forgotten Seasons,” which unveils an entirely new location within Skyrim for players to explore. Hidden behind Runoff Cave in the Reach lies a Dwemer ruin that poses a threat to the entire realm of Tamriel. Players must venture into the ruin’s four distinct wings, solve intricate puzzles, and confront a formidable Dwemer construct. As a reward, players can forge special Dwarven Crowns, each imbued with Dragon Priest-like effects corresponding to the four seasons.

The Anniversary Edition also introduces a plethora of new armor sets and unique weapons. Players can acquire 15 alternative armor sets, each reimagining and enhancing existing armor types from the base game and its DLCs. These sets draw inspiration from the aesthetics of the mobile game The Elder Scrolls: Blades, providing players with increased customization options for their characters.

In addition to the extensive armor selection, the Anniversary Edition features numerous new and uniquely named weapons. These weapons surpass the power of standard Skyrim weaponry and often require players to undertake lengthy quests or meet specific requirements to obtain them. Some notable additions include the completion of the “Tools of Kagrenac” with the inclusion of Wraithguard and Sunder, the legendary Staff of Sheogorath, and Stendarr’s Hammer, an Aedric artifact.

The Anniversary Edition also pays homage to previous Elder Scrolls titles through its callback questlines. “Ghosts of the Tribunal” dives into the aftermath of Morrowind’s Red Year, allowing players to unravel the fate of the Dark Elf Tribunal. The questline introduces Morrowind-themed armor, weapons, characters, and locations, shedding light on the events following the destruction of Vvardenfell.

Similarly, “The Cause” serves as a continuation of the Oblivion Crisis storyline. It explores the activities of the surviving followers of Mehrunes Dagon’s Mythic Dawn cult, providing players with an opportunity to delve into Oblivion-themed quests, acquire new armor and weapons, and explore an Ayleid Ruin.

Among the creations included in the Anniversary Edition, “Saints and Seducers” harkens back to Oblivion’s Shivering Isles expansion. Players embark on a quest to uncover the mastermind behind bandit attacks on Khajiit, encountering cultists and battling against those who emulate the Golden Saints and Dark Seducers.

Furthermore, the Anniversary Edition brings back the iconic “Gray Cowl” from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, serving as a Daedric Artifact associated with legendary thieves. Wearing the Gray Cowl grants players the “Detect Life” effect, a unique passive bonus not found elsewhere in the game.

Two popular additions, “Arcane Accessories” and “The Necromantic Grimoire,” expand Skyrim’s magical repertoire. “Arcane Accessories” introduces new spells and dual-type Mage Robes, while “The Necromantic Grimoire” provides 13 new Necromancy spells and an armor set specifically designed for raising the dead.

For players seeking a more immersive and challenging experience, the Anniversary Edition includes “Survival Mode” and “Camping.” “Survival Mode” overhauls gameplay mechanics by introducing hunger, fatigue, resource regeneration limitations, the removal of fast travel, and environmental effects like cold and warmth. “Camping” complements “Survival Mode” by offering players the ability to set up camp in the wild, providing respite and a sense of immersion in the rugged wilderness.

Adding a touch of companionship to the adventure, the “Pets of Skyrim” mod presents players with five adorable and helpful creatures to accompany them on their journeys. These pets, including a fox, goat, skeever, rabbit, and spider, possess unique abilities such as searching for loot, carrying items, finding food, locating alchemy ingredients, and trapping enemies.

To bolster the often-overlooked Unarmed combat style in Skyrim, the “Fearsome Fists” creation introduces 15 new gauntlets, featuring blades, spikes, and other enhancements that significantly enhance the power of Unarmed attacks.

Lastly, the “Goblins” mod reintroduces these small green creatures to Skyrim, offering players a fresh encounter with an enemy type seen in previous Elder Scrolls titles. While Goblins may appear out of place amidst the Nordic landscape, their presence adds a unique element to the game, especially when juxtaposed with familiar adversaries like Draugr and spiders.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S. With its wealth of new content and enhancements, the Anniversary Edition invites both new and returning players to embark on a grand adventure in the world of Skyrim, celebrating the game’s remarkable legacy and the enduring creativity of its modding community.

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