$15,000 Stiga Studio LED & Stereo Table Tennis

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Stiga Studio LED & Stereo Table Tennis

This table tennis table features an integrated 2,800-watt audio system and LED lighting array that impart thrill and excitement to any contest.

The table’s sturdy substructure houses a QSC professional processing amplifier that drives eight three-way 6×9 Kicker speakers and two 12″ solo-baric Kicker subwoofers to provide thumping bass, solid mid-levels, and pealing trebles.

Stiga Studio LED & Stereo Table Tennis

Connecting to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth for music, the table also includes a microphone input and separate volume and track controls that allow ambidextrous karaoke enthusiasts to sing a victory song while delivering a game-winning backhand or an announcer to provide color commentary with each volley.

Forty LEDs mounted to the table’s underside illuminate the floor in eight colors of flashing, pulsing, or steady light, synchronizing with the beat of music in real time for dramatic effect.

An integrated dampening system isolates the tables tournament-grade 1″ playing surface, providing predictable, consistent bounce, and is divided with a specially made nylon net secured by 2 1/2″ support aprons made from brushed aircraft aluminum, You can buy one from here.


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