16 Genius Life Hacks To Make Your More Creative

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16. Clean the hazardous material inside your keyboard

Genius life hacks (20)

A sticky paper helps you a lot in cleaning your keyboard’s most inner parts that are hard for you to reach.

15. Spectacles case organizes your cords

Genius life hacks (8)

A pencil case or spectacles case is the best storage for your cords, especially if you are travelling.

14. Preserving summer herbs

Genius life hacks (11)

Summer herbs can be preserved by freezing them up with olive oil in an ice cube tray.

13. Prepare eggs in an onion ring

Genius life hacks (9)

Make a perfect egg with the help of a large onion ring which also gives it an awesome taste. No more wondering about making a perfectly round fried egg.

12. Muffin tray is best for serving condiments

Genius life hacks (7)

Serve the condiments in a muffin tray at BBQ parties because everyone prefers using less dishes.

11. Take a picture of a friend you have loaned things to

Genius life hacks (4)

This is the only smart solution to keep a record of whoever borrowed our things.

10. Avoid tooth decay

Genius life hacks (5)

A sip of water after coffee, soda or sugary beverage intake prevents tooth decay.

09. Make yourself a dust pan

Genius life hacks (13)

Just cut the water gallon to invent an amazing dust pan.

08. No cutting, only flossing

Genius life hacks (15)

An unscented dental floss cuts down cakes, cheese, bananas and other soft food items perfectly.

07. Do not throw your old socks rather utilize them

Genius life hacks (16)

Utilize your old socks for dusting purpose.

06. Delicious sandwich (Crunchy outside, chewy inside)

Genius life hacks (19)

Inserting two slices of bread in one slot of toaster makes your toasts chewy as well as crunchy.

05. Place a newspaper at the bottom of a bin for absorption

Genius life hacks (14)

Spreading a newspaper in the dust bin will absorb all sorts of food juices and oil, while keeping the bin clean.

04. Charge your phone faster

Genius life hacks (2)















Turn on the airplane mode to charge your phone faster than ever but do not forget to switch it off when you are done.

03. Free up some space with hanging trash cans

Genius life hacks (3)

Using I-shaped wooden racks for hanging up garage bins is a great way to maximize storage space.

02. Pool noodle saves your car doors

Genius life hacks (10)

A half of pool noodle attached to your garage walls will save the car doors from slamming against the walls.

01. Help yourself in another country specially when language is a problem

Genius life hacks (23)

Use your cell phone’s camera to take pictures of the places you want to go to in another country, especially where the language is different.

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