16-Minutes Of GORD’s Unforgiving Gameplay Released

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The new dark fantasy title Gord has just released fresh, complex gameplay. This 16-minute gameplay video is hosted by Covenant Game Director himself, Stan Just. Even with so much detail being released, their publisher Team17 hasn’t announced a release date or window just yet, but I love what I see in the trailer.

In the video, players are introduced to the game’s unique gameplay blend of city building, community management, and player-driven adventure mechanics while examining the wealth of choices players will have during each playthrough of the game’s campaign, along with the fully configurable ‘Custom Scenarios’ mode. They also showcase some of the structures players can build, and how settlements can be customized with a range of different buildings, such as a combat training facility to access more well-equipped units, and a temple to increase their magical abilities. They also discuss the game’s focus on personal stories, explaining how each citizen’s unique personality, attributes, and actions can directly influence player decisions and the long-term social dynamics of their community.

Gord will be released on PC via Steam when the release date was revealed.

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