2 Recent Technological Trends That Have Made Our Lives Easier

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The world as we know it came to a screeching halt about a year and a half ago with the irruption of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. Everything went from being in a period of steady climbing and prosperity to being completely shut down and wondering when we would be able to go back to what we knew as normal. Not even the best Las Vegas NFL odds makers, who also are experts in predicting the odds and outcomes of situations from all walks of life could predict how long we were bound to be stuck in what has felt sometimes like an endless rut. But as time has gone by we’ve learned to put our best foot forward and try to live life to the fullest, even if dealing with certain adversities.

Technology has thankfully given us a few loopholes and solutions to tackle day-to-day problems and find a way to live our lives with more ease and relaxation. That’s why here we list two very important and recent technological advances that have made our lives so much easier during these times of uncertainty and fight.


Ditch The Workspace, Work From Home, Wherever That May Be

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the world, the work-life for many professionals around the world went through a period of uncertainty and changes that nobody was even remotely ready for. Given that although most of the world went into a period of almost complete lockdown, industries from all walks of life still had to be able to produce their services and products to try and help people from all walks of life still be able to live a life that could resemble normality as much as possible. This is where technological advances came into play to literally save the day for everyone.

Thanks to the proliferation of remote working systems, including video conferencing tools, software specially produced for allowing work collaboration systems to be put into place, and other tech-related work commodities, people from a vast majority of work fields were able to continue with their responsibilities and doings, but now from the comfort of their homes. This has allowed workers to not be exposed in any unnecessary ways to the threats that the COVID-19 virus has brought upon society. It has also helped with the explosion of a new form of work style, the “digital nomad” style. On the other hand, this has also helped different kinds of industries cut costs on working spaces and other expenses, allowing them to focus their revenue and energies on providing better conditions for their collaborators. 

The “digital nomad” style of work has allowed workers to be able to perform their duties from anywhere in the world they wish to be in as long as they are able to have the required working conditions to be able to deliver the same results as if they were in their original workspaces. This has helped countries who before the pandemic were known to be tourism hubs to become nomad working hubs for people looking to have a break from their day-to-day reality and live life in a different place and manner. 

So while before, working for some people meant being stuck in an office, heavy traffic, and overwhelming stress situations, now people have found a way to do their job, perform at the best level, all while doing it from a beach town in Costa Rica, a small loss in time style town in Mexico or in other places. Given that this trend has gained more and more popularity even as a certain level of new normality is being put into practice, it feels like this trend will continue to grow more as more and more workers who are able to do so will surely continue to jump on this train.


Learning Can Never Stop Thus Enter Online Education

One of the main concerns that the world went through when beginning the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic was to be able to ensure that all educational systems were not to be harmed. Given that learning and education are two of the most important cornerstones of mankind it was a top tier priority and obligation for governments from all over the world to make sure that everyone receiving an education could continue to do so in the best way possible, even when facing the adversities of a global health pandemic. This is where technology once again stepped up and online education became the way to go.

It is estimated that at the very peak of the pandemic, close to 2 billion students from around the world were sent home as all educational institutions were closed. Thanks to video conferencing tools as well as learning apps for phones, tablets, and computers, educational software, and other learning tools, students and professors were able to pick up right where they left off ensuring that education and learning would not be faltered by the pandemic. Governments from around the world saw these tools, the results they offered, and the efforts that had to be made for all students without regard to social and economic class and automatically got to work to be able to offer all students decent learning tools and conditions.

Now, even with restrictions being lifted and students from different parts of the world slowly returning to their schools, continuing to pursue a fortification of this new form of education should not be left behind. Rather than that, it needs to continue growing as we continue to move towards times where technology will only become more and more essential for living a decent life. 

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