20 Geekiest iPhone Cases On The Planet

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Geekiest iPhone Cases

We searched the internet for the geekiest and most reliable phone cases for the Apple iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. These are the search results.

Let’s start off with this pair of Super Mario Bros.-styled cases. The Luigi case is especially perfect for when you’re having one of those “Player 2” kind of days.




This Coach x Namco collaborative iPhone XS Max case is a bit pricey, but we love the look.


The captain may now be old and grey and retired with Peggy, but you can always relive his beauty days fighting Hydra with this badass, officially licensed iPhone XR case.


We love how colorful this Jake’s phone case is.


Forget those dopey plumbers Mario and Luigi. Super Waluigi Bros. is where it’s at.

This iPhone X/XS/XR case also wins love by daylight, so it’s a total win-win.
This isn’t a Zack Morris phone. It’s a silicone case that just looks like a 1980s cell phone.

This transparent Pokemon iPhone case is hella adorable.

This is not Barney the Dinosaur.


OK, this iPhone X and XS case is actually of this world.

It’s more of a deranged kind of laugh, really.


This clever phone case will get a lot of double-takes.

This OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for the iPhone X and XS has a raised, beveled edge to help protect your screen, too.

This simple, lightweight case is “nerdy… without being flashy,” says one Amazon reviewer.

Beep bee bee iPhone XR case. Beep beep hard polycarbonate. Boop.

This Rick and Morty case that’s trippy AF. Want to know how this phone case was made? First, they take the dinglebop and they smooth it out with a bunch of schleem.

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