20 Ways to Improve Gameplay on a High-End Gaming Laptop (Part 2)

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We recently brought you the first part of this article, so be sure to read the first 10 tips on how to optimize your gaming laptop for better gaming. We continue in the same tone in this text and bring the remaining 10 tips.

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#11 Keep Your Laptop Clean and Dust-Free

Want to know how to improve laptop performance but do not have the technical skills? Just clean it thoroughly. You will enjoy improved performance on your laptop only with a proactive attitude towards its physical maintenance. Dust is the “enemy of performance”— this is because it reduces airflow, resulting in overheating of the computer. Once the heat builds up, the processor, GPU, and most other components will slow down. The best way to deal with this is to remove the dust.

But it is not just the vents on your laptop that you need to keep clean. If you use your keyboard regularly (a major component of gaming on your computer), it is crucial to make sure it is free of dust, food, or other substances, as these tend to cause sticky keys. For that matter, you probably do not want a dirty screen either.


#12 Automatic Update

Automatic updates may give you problems. For instance, before prompting you to install an update, Windows Update might automatically download upgrades in the background. Performance may be marginally impacted by this. Not only will updates be downloading in the background, but you will also notice a number of reminders.

You have a handful of options because Windows Updates cannot be permanently disabled:

  • keep the computer disconnected from the Internet (go “offline”);
  • the moment updates start to annoy you (and whilst you are not playing games), install them;
  • you can delay upgrades for 35 days as of the May 2019 update (version 1903).

If you happen to have a gaming laptop, it is doubtful that you will be able to totally disconnect from the Internet, therefore, the best solution is to install the previously mentioned updates as soon as you can.


#13 Turn on Windows “Game Mode”

Anybody can use this tip. The Xbox software that comes with Windows 10 and 11 has capabilities including recording screens, video streaming, and game modes. The Game Bar and Game Mode can be turned on to optimize your gaming laptop.

  • press WIN+I or Start > Settings;
  • select “Games” from the Xbox Game Bar.
  • select “On IMAGE”;
  • go to the left menu and choose “Game mode”;
  • activate game mode;
  • shut the window down;

Now, you can always hit WIN + G to see the Xbox board or panel. Windows will execute games in “game mode” with the best settings. Windows must stop or halt some background processes in order to accomplish this.


#14 Update the Drivers

After installing the OS, updating the drivers should be one of your first priorities. Thankfully, it is a quick procedure that frequently occurs automatically after regular OS updates. To keep your gaming laptop optimized, try out these free Windows driver updaters if your hardware drivers are not updated automatically.

However, you might require a more hands-on manner when it comes to installing graphics drivers. Windows Update will provide updated drivers for Intel graphics, which are typically not sufficient for intense gaming, but your dedicated graphics cards require a different “treatment”.

Make sure that your GPU management tool, such as AMD Gaming Evolved or Nvidia GeForce Experience, is set to automatically update. To obtain the best performance, manually update your GPU drivers if you do not utilize any GPU management software.


#15 Update Steam

Still having issues using your laptop to play games? Do you nonetheless wish to find out how to make your PC games run faster? Update “Steam” after that. Additionally, digital distribution platforms like Steam have their own upgrades, which are important to those gamers who use the platform not only to improve their gaming skills but also to learn what to pay attention to when trying their luck at wagering on video games that are offered by sports sections of the best Payeer online casinos in 2023 at the site. A further possibility is that while you are playing one game, another will download updates in the background.

To prevent this:

  • open Steam;
  • navigate to Steam > Settings;
  • select the “Downloads” tab and deselect the “Allow downloads during gameplay” checkbox;
  • click OK to confirm.

Additionally, you can control the updated rules for specific games.

  • simply right-click the game in your Steam library;
  • select Updates under Properties;
  • set the preferred choices for background downloads and automatic updates (Automatic updates).

Choose from “Always keep this game updated”, “Only update this game when I launch it”, and “High priority for automatic updates”. Additionally, there are three options available for background downloads: “Always allow background downloads”, “Never allow background downloads”, and “Pause background downloads while I’m playing”.


#16 Update DirectX

The software toolset, known as DirectX, is used to control the graphics in video games. In fact, many versions of DirectX have been implemented and introduced over time, enabling games to benefit from the most recent technology. The most recent version, DirectX 12 Ultimate, is pre-installed on Windows laptops starting in 2020; offers a shared library for the Xbox Series X|S and Windows.

To determine DirectX’s most recent version:

  • WIN + R will launch the “Run” dialog;
  • fill in “dxdiag” (without the quotations);
  • the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DXDiag) needs to load first;
  • find the DirectX form in the list of options’ bottom, under the System tab.

For a DirectX update:

  • WIN + I or Start > Settings;
  • select Update & Security > Computer updates;
  • hit the Check for Updates button.


#17 Set Process Affinity to use all CPU cores

An app or a video game could occasionally be unable to utilize all of your CPU cores owing to problems. So, you can still obtain dual-core performance when running a game or demanding program even though you have 8 cores and 16 threads. There is a simple solution for this.

Start the game you think is the “victim” of this issue first, then start the Windows Task Manager. Locate the process for your game in the Windows Task Manager, then click Go to Details > Set Affinity > Select All Available Cores with the right mouse button. This will force the game you are playing or any other program to utilize all of your CPU’s cores.


#18 Get a Pad for Maximum Laptop Cooling

Probably the best item you can get for a gaming laptop is a laptop cooling pad. They are inexpensive and effective at what they do, which is to keep your laptop cool.

Those additional fans do a lot more than you might imagine allowing air to circulate and disperse the excessive heat of your laptop. If your device faces exposure to high temperatures when you play games or perform other jobs that need a lot of CPU power, you should definitely think about acquiring one.


#19 Overclock the Graphics Card

Although it might be dangerous for amateurs, overclocking can increase a graphics card’s performance. Finding the right tool for this activity should not be too difficult because they are accessible for both Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

Heat and power are the key issues. You will need to modify the power settings on your computer because overclocking the GPU uses more electricity. However, overclocking also raises the GPU’s temperature. Usually, the laptop’s cooling system takes care of this. The fans and coolers should be routinely cleaned, as was stated before in the text.

You do not want to find yourself in a scenario where the computer cannot cool down since it will shut down automatically as a safety measure.


#20 Upgrade Your Computer

The most effective approach for speeding up your laptop is to install new hardware. What, however, can you upgrade?

It is well known that, unlike desktop or laptop computers, laptops cannot be upgraded. On the majority of gaming laptops, there are two pieces that can be upgraded.

  • RAM: Increasing speed and memory can significantly improve performance.
  • Information storage: Changing to a quick SATA or NVMe SSD (solid-state drive) will greatly enhance game performance.

You Now Understand How to Enhance the Functionality of Your Gaming Laptop

Who knew there were so many things you could do to enhance laptop gaming performance? While the majority of these suggestions only apply to laptops running Windows, some of them also work on Linux and macOS computers.

A hardware update for desktop computers can significantly affect gameplay; if you use a laptop, your options are more constrained. On the majority of laptops, you cannot update the processor or graphics card.

These 20 suggestions are essential for enhancing your gaming abilities because of this. With this content, we hope to have at least somewhat aided you.

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