2018 Biggest Gaming Trends

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At the present stage of the online gambling development, there is a great potential in certain areas for which software developers and providers are now oriented. The previous 2017 year was very successful for the gambling industry and successful gambling arbitrators raised millions of dollars relatively to this topic. Despite the introduction of the new Data Protection Act (GDPR) on May 25, online casinos, Dunder, for example, will continue their activities and 2018 shows the prospects for the development of new currents.

  1.  Mobile casino is gaining increasing popularity, conquering gaming markets of different countries. The mobile boom in gambling is not a surprise; this process has been going on for several years and confidently increases the share of mobile entertainment within the market. Players willingly switch to mobile applications, which give a lot of opportunities and in no way inferior to stationary online casinos;
  2. This category includes mobile betting. Sports’ betting with portable devices gives players the main advantage – mobility and the ability to bet upon sports events anywhere and anytime;
  3.  Live betting is also popular. This is a special kind of betting, the distinctive feature of which is that the bookmaker gives the opportunity to bet not before the sporting event, but in its course. The advantage of such bets is that during the match an experienced player can make an analysis of the game and make a weighted decision;
  4. Mobile lotteries – it is possible to buy lottery tickets using mobile applications and payment systems, has become even more convenient. A lot of fans in order to participate in the draws choose this option, especially since most state lotteries also provide such an opportunity;
  5.  Betting on e-Sports – one more trend that has not ceased to develop rapidly not only in the US, but also in countries of Europe and the CIS. While players in computer games become professionals, create their own leagues, hold world championships, more and more fans of this sport bet upon their favorites and win;
  6. Social games for real money – are convenient, fun and profitable. World societies offer players a lot of opportunities to participate in tournaments with the opportunity to win real money;
  7. Fantasy sport (Fantasy sports) – games in which participants form virtual teams and arrange sports, are as popular and demanded today as real football, basketball, etc. The same can be said about the rates for different types of fantasy sports. The audience of those who bet on virtual teams is continuously growing. Progress does not stand still; new generations of players are striving for something innovative, giving more opportunities, expanding horizons, such as fantasy sports;
  8.  Online casinos, which can be played with the help of special glasses, are a relatively new phenomenon in gambling, but due to its effectiveness and super-realism it gets more and more recognition. Leading progressive software developers pay a lot of attention to this direction today, providing an opportunity for players to play poker, slots or visit virtual online casinos, which offer almost unlimited opportunities;
  9.  The binary option is one of the most recent trends in gambling. It is the best that the buyer of a binary option makes to determine where the price of his asset will go up or down. If the forecast is justified, the buyer will make a profit, otherwise it will lose the cost of the binary option;
  10. One more interesting trend is: women are becoming more involved in gambling process, and the percentage of older players certainly increases. Currently, women make up 47% of American gamers, compared with 42% in 2012. Of course, 5% is a relatively small increase, but on the other hand it is an increase of more than 10% in two years. Age-based female players also became more: 29% of gamers over the age of 50 years in 2014 compared to 21% in 2012. In short, the world’s population of gambling is becoming more and more diverse, which the providers have already paid attention to.

By an effort to improve profitability, providers should not try to master all new trends simultaneously. Some of the above-mentioned tendencies may not correspond to the specifics of a particular gambling establishment; some of them are not as active now as they can turn out to be in the nearest future. A careful approach and selectivity will help providers to choose and follow only those trends that will lead the business to prosperity and success.


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