2019: The Year of Video Game Fame

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Cyberpunk 2077

The current generation of consoles and video games have been lackluster, it has been so bad that I went ahead and built myself a high-performance gaming computer out of sheer boredom of not being able to decide which of the console was the right one to get. If you still happened to be confused let be the first to tell you the PlayStation 4 work, however, the XBOX ONE X is more powerful thanks in part to AMD and theme supplying both the processors and GPU which power it.  To be honest it wasn’t exactly boredom that led to me building my own machine but the fact that a current-generation gaming computer has more processing power than both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox combined and all components can be sourced from the most retailer both physical and online. Thanks to the existence of MicroCenter and NewEgg selecting the right components and snapping them together like Legos however in a more delicate manner has proven itself to be quite simple. 2019 is turning out to be the upcoming year of gaming with multiple AAA titles hitting the shelf.

The most wonderful thing about video gaming is online experience including the communities. Some of the AAA titles that you should be on the lookout for in terms of online gameplay are as follows.



Ever since the Anthem gameplay trailer was released every single game that I have come across has been looking forward to the online gameplay. The game is from BioWare; the studio behind the Mass Effect series, the popular franchise is built solely on story and RPG elements while the most recent addition Andromeda tanked in terms of revenue due to poor gameplay. BioWare has never done a looting team-based shooter. The concept of piloting a Mechatronics suite with team play and looting elements sounds interesting coupled with the gameplay has caused a lot of hype and I for one predict it to be a success where hours upon hours will be devoted to mastering the different class and ability to vary Mechatronics. Will BioWare be able to deliver?



The gameplay trailer released during E3 just makes you want to scope up Sony’s new IP. This post-apocalyptic with hordes of Freakers who behave are rarely related to zombies but the fast kind who retain their senses if sight, sound, and sight that feel no pain. Imagine other survivors with base camps and biker gangs that ride the road and then add on some online gameplay. The game might just have enough tweaks to set it apart from all the others. Days Gone is will make you want to purchase a PlayStation 4 if you haven’t since it is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


Kingdom Heart 3

When it comes to Kingdome Heart’s nostalgia takes over bringing back the hours devoted to the game a long time ago. Kingdom Hearts II came out in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 but Square Enix has assured us that Soroa, Goofy, Donald, and company are coming back and fans will be treated to the third iteration that is long overdue. Modern Disney elements will be placed throughout the game with many old allies making an appearance alongside new additions from the more recent iterations from the Disney franchise which has grown significantly with a release date of January 29, 2019. To delay the next iteration to build up a whole new era of characters along with the old is just simply the most golden thought of all time which will make the game worth it and will be available on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

Cyberpunk 2077


The success and all-time fame that the Witcher 3 has received as makes me look forward to Cyberpunk 2077. Currently, there is no official release date from CD Project Red but they did receive a grant from the Polish government of $7 million dollars to fund their next project. 2019 looks like a good year to expect the release. The game itself is based on a paper-based role-playing game by the name of Cyberpunk 2022, however, looking what CD Project Red has done for the Witcher:3 was justice but get ready for the worlds to be magnitudes larger. CD Project Red has over 400 people currently working on the game and that Cyberpunk 2077 has been in development since 2012 makes me believe that the release is on the horizon. Much hasn’t been said about the game, however, the teaser trailer speaks volumes and leave much to the imagination except the release date is and per CD Project Red when it ready.

Metro Exodus


If you haven’t experienced the post-apocalyptic survival and steal based first-person shooter then you still have time to go ahead and play catch up with Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Night. The games might suffer from glitches and slowdowns but place huge importance on the survival element. The bullets are limited and you have to make each one count. The game will feature real-time gameplay with a feel for the atmosphere since things will change once the sun has set since it’s going semi-open world. A single level is10 times larger than the combined maps for the first two games. So prepare to spend hours of gameplay on a single level scavenging materials, crafting and looting bullets to survive is what is gearing up to the truest iteration or survival gameplay with real weather cycles.

Gears of War 5


The Gears franchise is coming back with the 5th iteration of the franchise with a slight twist, a female protagonist which is welcomed change and will attract a larger audience. Marcus Phoenix and his son will make a comeback and the title will most likely appear as a spin-off and will dive deeper into the long awaits and mystery of the Locusts. I will take more Gears of War because I simply get more gameplay with the dock and cover shooting alongside the active reloads. The 4th was well revived and I have no doubt that Microsoft will do the Gears franchise justice.

Maria Katz will fill the role as our female protagonist who is a newcomer from Gears of War 4, a former outcast who rose to the occasion when called upon.



The ultimate multiplayer where the original iteration was better than the later makes an attempt at a comeback. UBI soft knows this and thus spent the first half of E3 demoing the physics of the game and then the reaming time showing you the various wipeout. The game was smooth and might just be the thing again if it adds enough challenges and variations which it sets out to do. Introducing the Tandem Bike, a single dirt bike controlled by two people may add enough challenge but what are unlocked as your progress in terms of rewards are welcomed with RPG elements if I may?



Ori makes a comeback and promises to deliver on the environment and gameplay sharpness of the first Ori made an appearance in Ori and the blind forest. The gameplay of the original is still stunning considering that it is a game that came out about 8 years ago and didn’t require a super-intensive graphics card to run as smooth as silk while delivering a memorable platforming experience and challenges.



Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear Series which has constantly delivered with each iteration needs no introduction and neither does Snake. It was unfortunate of what came to between Konami and Koijam studios which led to the abandonment of Koijam studios as a subsidiary. This is Koijam first release since the incident of 2015 with the newly reformed Koijam studios. We also all lover Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead franchise and throw in Guillermo Del Toro helmed for video production and Hideo Kojima behind gameplay and story. The trailer raises and answers a lot of questions; making us want more. Death Stranding and Koijam will be well received by the gaming community and will without any doubts be alone of the hits. This one will be another PlayStation 4 Exclusive.

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