2020’s Smart and Cool Gadgets for Birding

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 Gadgets for Birding

What’s great about birdwatching? If you start bird watching, you’ll get a close connection with nature. A birding guide for NYC Audubon had stated that everyone will be in a different world while birding. When you look for a bird outside it will make you fresh and gets you moving.

Birding can stimulate your brain and keep you healthy; it’s a perfect hobby for lifelong learners. Another benefit of birding is, it’s a wonderful way to make friends, and actually bird watchers are all around the world so they’ll be excited to talk about birds, their birding experiences as well as the places they have gone.

Are you a passionate bird watcher? Then, make use of the below gadgets before you move for your next adventure.

Gadgets for Birding

  1. Binoculars

Binoculars are the most compelling piece of equipment for every serious birder. This tool allows you to observe anything from a long distance, birds will not stay stable in a place, and it can fly over so to watch it closely binoculars are needed. Most of the bird watchers prefer thermal binoculars because it is portable and lighter than other devices also it can give you a 3D view of a bird.

You’ve to be careful while choosing the binoculars if the magnification is higher the image will be more clear. Nowadays, binoculars are available in various styles and finding the right one will give you an enjoyable experience.

If you’re looking for optics to fit into your pocket, a thermal monocular is the best option because it comes with a compact design and requires just a single eye to be used effectively. Long-distance backpackers and hikers can make use of this equipment for observing birds in the backcountry.

  1. Field Guide

The best way to become a birder is to have a good field guide; it’s nothing but a collection of images, range maps, and text which helps the birders to identify birds. If you know to handle the field guide and identify a specific bird then it won’t be difficult to find the target. The field guide is appropriate for your living region and helps to watch birds, Become familiar with its entire content and layout. If you’re a passionate bird watcher flip through the guide and understand where the sparrows are, where the ducks are and where the owls are.

Few Tips for identifying a bird

  • See a bird
  • Use binoculars and watch closely
  • If it’s an unfamiliar species watch a little longer
  • Identify what type of bird it is: duck, finch, warbler, etc.
  • Finally use a field guide and find the matching species.

You can install field guides via the app also which is better than paperbacks, try it for better convenience.

Gadgets for Birding

  1. Wildlife Camera

Wildlife camera is an important tool for all bird watchers if you’re a birding photographer then the quality of the camera is a must. It’s a worthy deal because you can get high-quality pictures of birds, for this a good DSLR camera and the multi-functional lens are enough. With this camera, you can develop a complete list of rare species.

Here are some suggestions to enhance your viewing potential

  • First of all, place the camera higher and perfectly angle them slightly downwards, this is done for increasing the visibility.
  • If you’re interested in capturing amphibians, or other small creatures, place the camera closer to the ground.
  • Set the camera in the right position and test it before you leave.

There are a lot of features in wildlife trail cameras like time-lapse mode, detection range, trigger speed, recovery speed, etc. Keep your objectives in mind and pick the wildlife camera for bird watching.

  1. Field Recorder

A field recorder is a simple device which is capable of recording both audio and video, one of the specific features of the recorder is it can cancel other noise and produce only the bird’s sound.

Bird recording gives more fun and it’s a great option for making memories. Avoid recording in a compressed format like WMA or MP3, though the file size is smaller in this format the quality will not be up to the mark.

Nowadays the recorders can automatically adjust the recording level, so you can casually record the sound and stay calm. Try to record for at least three to five minutes it’ll be interesting to record a little longer because you can hear different sounds and enjoy birding.

  1. Birding Pack or Birding Vest

You need a large camping backpack or daypacks for carrying your birding gear because there may be a lot of stuff when you’re out birding. Packs come in a variety of sizes and shapes pick the one that suits your needs.

Keep a hat along with you as it can protect your head from the sun during birding trips. Serious birders need rough clothing to withstand in all weathers or in overseas climates.

Have a notebook and pen in your pack for examining the new bird closely and then write a detailed description of the bird you saw. Experienced birders will carry additional stuff with them as their passion for birding increases day by day.

Wrapping Up!

Birds give relaxation and peace for our minds, all your stress and pressure will be reduced by watching birds.  I’m sure these suggestions will be helpful for your birding trip, make use of it and enjoy your birding!!!

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