2021 Video Game Trends To Look Forward To

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Now might be the time to upgrade your gaming desktop PC because technological advancements are changing the entire gaming industry. We live in a world that is changing really fast. Gaming is more and more complex, offering days of entertainment.

While we cannot really predict everything that will happen in 2021, we are aware of some video gaming trends that everyone should know. This is what we will talk about in the paragraphs below.


Artificial Intelligence Gaming

AI has been used in video games ever since 1951. This is when developers created chess programs. However, the popularity of this technology only skyrocketed in the year 1997 since Gary Kasparov, then world champion was beaten by an IBM computer.

Nowadays, machine learning and artificial intelligence are accessible. There are developers that right now train their AI bots to actively play video games. Such skills can easily be transferred to the real world sooner rather than later.

AI is important for gaming since it creates behavior used by video gaming characters inside video games. AI works right inside the game and can pick off on the NPCs and what players are doing. Even map location can be determined. Developers use this tech to create brand new gadgets and AI systems.


Augmented Reality

AR (augmented reality) manages to integrate the audio and video content of the game in the real-world. This can be done in real-time and the technology is capable of gaping the current gap between gamers and developers.

Some years ago, AR was used to create face filters. Nowadays, it is so much more than that and the technology will surely make its power felt in 2021.

AR is growing fast and companies now create really engaging games. The market is faced with something that is really innovative and creative. Gaming experience is better and better and everything started with the creation of Pokemon GO. AR gaming will end up reaching almost $300 billion by the year 2023. We can only imagine what will be possible with the technology.


More And More 3D Games

In gaming, 3D technology is quickly becoming a norm. 3D objects can easily be explored in virtual reality and in the real world through augmented reality. Nowadays, we only have some 3D technology games that are on the market. They do have their limitations. However, in the future, developers will offer us a truly enhanced experience.

We can only explore 3D games now with 3D glasses. This will, most likely, be the case for a long time but developers do all that they can in order to offer gamers a really realistic gaming environment.

To sum up, these video gaming trends will be the norm in 2021 and way beyond it. Besides them, we cannot really know what will happen and what surprises will appear. We will surely enjoy gaming like we never did in the past thanks to the use of brand new devices and technologies. 2021 is expected by millions and it is so easy to understand why.

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