21 Pics Of SUV Inspired by the Stealth F-117 Nighthawk 

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Karlmann King

Unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show last November, the extremely limited Karlmann King claims the title of ‘World’s Most Expensive SUV’. It will be limited to 12 only.

It got its inspiration from Lockheed’s Stealth F-117 Nighthawk aircraft, the Karlmann King is designed by Chinese firm IAT Automobile Technology and built by a team of 1,800 people in Europe.

According to Hypebeast:

The six-meter-long SUV is based on the Ford F-550 platform and weighs a plump 4,500 kg — if you want the car to be bulletproof, the weight goes up to 6,000 kg. Unfortunately, this means that the top speed is limited to just 87 mph. The exterior is built of carbon-fiber and steel, and under the hood is a massive 6.8-litre V10 engine that churns out approximately 400 BHP.

The interior’s upholstery is offered in a bunch of different colorways and is complete with a night sky design on the ceiling that illuminates with LED lighting. Features include Hi-Fi sound, ultra HD 4K television set, private safe box and phone projection system. There’s also the option to add on satellite TV and phone, as well as a built-in fridge, coffee machine, electric table and independent AC unit at the front and rear. All of these features can be controlled via a smartphone app.

Check out the specs, photos, and videos of this over-the-top vehicle below. The price tag of ~2.2 million USD is quite steep. Ironically based on a ‘stealth design’, driving this SUV will surely achieve the complete opposite.

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