24-Karat Gold Skull Armchair is Beyond Insane

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24-Karat Gold Skull Armchair

French design firm Harow comes in with its 24-karat gold-plated skull armchair. It’s scary. It’s coated with bling and a price tag heavier than your car. Harow says the chair’s function is to “establish its domination.” You might want to buy one if you own an island or have your own world domination plan.

The chair is designed with a faceted look, like it was carved out of gold crystal.  It has gaping eyes on the back and what looks to be a very cushy black velvet seating area in the front. It’s made from reinforced fiberglass over a steel frame and then coated in 24-karat gold.

Luxury Launches reports that the chair comes with a substantial $500,000 (about £347,000, AU$717,000) price tag, Told you.

24-Karat Gold Skull Armchair 24-Karat Gold Skull Armchair24-Karat Gold Skull Armchair 24-Karat Gold Skull Armchair


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