Mexico’s Very Own Insane Looking 1400bhp ‘Inferno’ Supercar

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 ‘Inferno’ Supercar

At Expo Bancomer technology event, Inferno announced its first model, the creatively named ‘Exotic Car’. It’s a 245mph supercar with lots of big numbers and styling straight outta Hot Wheels. The car is the creation of Antonio Ferrarioli, a man who has designed components for Lamborghini.

 ‘Inferno’ Supercar

It comes with 1,400bhp thanks to a twin-turbo V8. Inferno also attests the Exotic Car produces 670 torques.

Those 670 torques and 1400bhp horsepower will, Inferno reckons, get the car from a standstill to 62mph in under three seconds, and on to a top speed of 245mph.

Antonio’s futuristic, slashy design is one we’re sure would bring smiles to children if it were small enough to smash into the skirting boards at home. Full-size grown-ups, however, might find the Exotic Car’s styling a bit… voluptuous.

 ‘Inferno’ Supercar

Body is made out of a revolutionary zinc-aluminum-silver alloy known as ‘metal foam’, a newfangled stretchable material with the strength of armour.

 ‘Inferno’ Supercar

We’re told this metal foam can stretch to 100 times its original size, allowing it to absorb impacts without affecting its basic physical properties.

Production of the Exotic Car is slated to start next year.


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