Pixel C Tablet Now Available

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Pixel C

The Pixel C is the first Android tablet in the Pixel line and probably the most premium Android tablet ever produced. With a starting price of $499, it’s going head-to-head with the iPad. The Pixel C will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The Pixel X is a 10.2-inch tablet with a staggering 2560 x 1800 LCD for an overall 308 pixels per inch. This is also a square aspect ratio device just like the iPad. Google points out that the aspect ratio is actually √2, because Google is weird like that. Whereas last year’s flagship Nexus 9 tablet was made of flexible plastic and didn’t feel very nice, the Pixel C sports a slick aluminum unibody frame. Plus, there’s a new USB Type-C port.

Inside, the Pixel C is likely to be the most powerful Android device not attached to a wall full time. Google went with an Nvidia Tegra X1 octa-core ARM chip, which is the same hardware in the blazing fast Shield Android TV box. Of course, that device is attached to your TV and a power outlet. The Pixel C reportedly manages to be fast and still get good battery life with this monstrously powerful chip. Rounding out the internals are 3GB of RAM and 32GB to 64GB of storage, but you’ll pay another $100 for the 64GB variant.


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