Canadian Company Is Selling Fresh Mountain Air In a Can To Chinese

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Remember the scenes from blockbuster movies where they are trying to sell fresh air, like in Lorax or in Spaceballs where President Scroob pulls a can of Perri-Air out of his desk drawer and cracks it open? Check the video below from Lorax.

Now all this humor becomes a reality now, Vitality Air uses aluminum bottles to package their wares, and they’re packaging at an increasingly rapid pace these days. That’s because the company is doing a very brisk trade in China, which doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Their next shipment is expected to be around 4,000 bottles.

The air quality in China has been a major problem for its residents for decades. Some of its more well-off citizens have, like President Scroob, discovered the delights of artisanal fresh air. How well-off? Presumably, these are folks with plenty of disposable income, because of Vitality charges around $14 for a vial that contains just three liters of compressed Alberta air.

Vitality Air

They say that’s enough for 80 breaths. While at rest, the average adult takes between 12 and 20 breaths every minute. Presumably, you’re not supposed to just suck it all up in one go as Scroob does, but if you did you’d burn through your $14 purchase in just four minutes. Fortunately, smog sufferers can cut their pre-breath costs by buying in bulk. A 7.7-liter bottle goes for about $23.

Vitality doesn’t sell just any old air. They’re bottling up the same pure, Rocky Mountain air from Banff and Lake Louise that native Albertans and tourists from around the globe have been enjoying for ages. So no more recycled air but use Vitality for fresh rocky mountain air and breathe fresh.


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