Battlefield 4’s Secret Easter Egg Is Complex, Very Complex

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Battlefield 4 received a holiday update patch that included a number of tweaks and bug fixes. It is not just about the fixes and all but it also came with a new map pack, which included an area known as Dragon Valley.

The Battlefield 4 version is not just an updated remake with better graphics, though. As jackfrags recently found out, Dragon Valley is also hiding a number of juicy secrets and it is insane on so many levels.

What will you get after solving this very complex puzzle? A special kit that, previously, only the developers could wear. check it out above. So if you are thinking to watch the video and go to your game and solve the puzzle and get this brilliant kit. You are wrong, even if you watch the video, you can’t just run into your game of Battlefield and skip to the last step. Every person attempting this will get a unique code that they must redeem in order to unlock the camo, which means that you can’t cut corners with this puzzle.



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