Meet Future Of Air Travelling, It is Way Faster Than Concord

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Super-fast jet named Skreemr that can fly at an insane 10 Mach or 10 times faster than the speed of sound. The Concorde’s maximum speed limit was 2.04 Mach or 2,179 Km and used to take people across the Atlantic in record time. But, the Skreemr will supposedly do the same distance in less than one-fifth the time. The designers Roy Mattison and Charles Bombardier designed the sleek aircraft with some peculiar features. It has four wings, two at the front that are supposedly meant for turning at high speeds. Also, the take-off of the plane is very unusual as it will use a conductive rail acceleration platform to catapult the aircraft towards the sky.

After getting airbourne the aircraft will be able to ignite liquid Oxygen or Kerosene oil in its fuel tanks and propel itself to very high altitudes. It has a cruising speed of Mach 4 which is faster than most of the fighter jets available in any country’s air force. To eventually take it to Mach 10, Scramjet engines could be used. Scramjets are engines in which fluid can flow and combust supersonically. There is a long way before you travel in one of these jets but it is nice to know what we should expect from the future.



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