SanDisk’s Connect Wireless Stick With 200GB Storage

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SanDisk’s Connect Wireless Stick is not just another flash drive or a USB WiFi adapter. It’s actually ultra-portable network-attached storage.

Last summer they introduced a 128GB model, and now they’ve expanded the Connect line-up with a 200GB version. It’s the exact same physical size as the lower-capacity stick.

200GB Stick has a few limitations. Its wireless abilities, for example, are limited to serving three devices at a time. It also only lasts about half as long on a charge as some larger portable WiFi drives do. Still, the 4.5 hours of continuous use it handles will get the job done on all but the longest trips, and you can always charge it up. SanDisk’s companion app will also automatically back up files from your smartphone or tablet — and even automatically free up space on your device if you want it to.

It comes up with the price tag of $120.


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