Dinn Wall Clock

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Dinn Wall Clock

The Dinn wall clock makes time a lot more refined. Diamantini & Domeniconi is a historic Italian maker of exclusive home accessories, and its unique musical Dinn wall clock stands out for its exceptional features. Introduced at Maison & Objet, in Paris, in 2014, Dinn has seen an immediate national and international success. Designer Alessandro Zambelli drew inspiration from Paganini’s music in order to design this round wall clock with a 35 cm diameter.

A little brass bell rings at every hour, when the tiny hammer-shaped hand hits it. This gentle tingling sound recalls the melody of classical music and give an extra touch to your hours. The MDF face is entirely lacquered with white, therefore its dark charcoal clock hands get all the spotlight. Poetry and technology create a winning mix for a unique clock, suitable for any part of your home – from bedroom to sitting room, from bathroom to kitchen, this beautiful clock will help you keep track of time in the most stylish way.

Do not underestimate the decoration power of this apparently simple yet stunning wall clock. Its minimalist shape will nearly vanish on a white wall, except to remind you of its presence when the hammer-shaped hand hits noon or midnight. This little detail, plus the tiny brass bell, will be loved by anyone who sees them. Give in to the magic of Dinn!


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